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The fear of history repeating itself

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One problem that many of us face (even even after our hearts are healed) is the fear of history repeating itself. You may be stronger and happier, but if someone who reminds you of past pain shows up, you shut down. As soon as you encounter a reminder of hurtful behaviour, walls go up. If fear dictates our decisions or if wariness causes our hearts to harden, this is a problem. God wants us to be led by His Spirit…

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Are you facing a fraught family Christmas?

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Rather than the happy holiday it’s piped up to be, Christmas can all too often be a season of stress and strain, spending time with people you would probably prefer to avoid. God’s plan was that family would be a safe refuge where we are nurtured and loved. However for many, family is a place of pain or pressure. Perhaps you have a strained relationship with your parents or a sibling that seems to specialise in spite. You may have…

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I just don’t understand why…

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Five years after my husband and I got married we were pastoring a small but growing church in London. We were serving the Lord with all of our hearts and had given our lives to the ministry. We had one child: a bright, healthy little girl with a magnetic personality and a beautiful smile. Naomi means ‘our delight’ and that’s exactly what she was. So when she was tragically torn from us, our lives were shattered. One day she was…

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How do you see yourself?

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When I met my husband, I was in my final months of Bible College. He had just planted a church so as soon as we were wed, I joined him in ministry. After graduating, I sought secular work while the church was still small. The favor of God opened doors and I was quickly promoted until I was marketing VP for a global company. I was a wife, mother, pastor and director. Each role gave my life a sense of…

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