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When Moods Rule!

By | Jo Naughton | 4 Comments

There was a time when I had little control over my emotions. In fact, it would be fair to say that my moods ruled. When all was well, I was full of joy. However, when disappointments came or life was tough, I was down in the dumps. If my husband challenged me, I’d feel hurt and cry. If my boss confronted me, I’d shrink back and mope. If a friend misunderstood me, my stomach would knot. Then there would be…

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Do you ever get discouraged?

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No-one gets by without having to deal with discouragement. We have dreams and desires, often planted in our hearts by God, but the process of praying for them to come to pass can be painful. Desire, by definition, produces a hankering after fulfilment. We hunger for accomplishment and long for manifestation. That’s all very exciting when we see the outcome quickly. However, if you are anything like me, you may feel that you have faced your fair share of delays…

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Are you ready for your promotion?

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The Bible says that your heart determines the course of your life. We need a good heart to get promoted. But we also need a secure heart to sustain success. It’s easy to think of King Saul in the Old Testament as a villain. After all, he turned away from God and hounded the young hero David for a decade before his premature death in the heat of battle. God’s choice However, we must remember that Saul was God’s choice….

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Facing the Truth – the Springboard to Stability & Success in 2016

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While I was growing up, I experienced my fair share of hurt but I never considered myself to be wounded. The day I got my school results set my life on a new course. I was 16 and I did well. The achievement gave me a rushing sense of self-worth. It felt like I’d taken a harmless drug and I liked the effects. I liked them very much. As the years went on, I continued to seek success. I loved…

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