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Shame can be subtle but it is rife. I see its dirty footprint in unexpected areas of life. Sometimes, it is most powerful when it goes unnoticed. Once exposed, it can be expelled. Shame is not satisfied with making us feel small. It seeks to stifle our lives. As I sought the lord about a year ago about how to get the message God has given me out to the masses, I sensed Him ask me, “What do you have…

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Do you need a new lease of life for the year ahead? I’m sure you want to start strong, but if you’re feeling weary, it can be hard to find the “get up and go”. It’s easy to think it’s normal to be tired. When you have challenges coming from every direction, it can wear you down. However, God does not want you to be tired. Doing the will of God should not drain us. Jesus said, “My burden is…

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Jesus came to give us life. Not just an average kind of existence, but a rich and satisfying life. That means we’re supposed to thrive, not just survive. The truth is that many of us are going from day to day without much sense of direction or fulfilment. Although we have good days, they aren’t necessarily great. And although we have ups, there are too many downs. Or perhaps you are happy but deep down feel like something is missing….

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