My Whole Heart

It is your most valuable and yet probably your most vulnerable asset. Your heart determines how your life turns out.

You may think that you know yourself but your heart is deep and complex. Even God has to search to reveal what’s inside.

My Whole Heart is an inner mirror. It is a handbook to wholeness.

  • As you journey through its pages, you will:
  • Discover the blockages in your heart
  • Find out if your soul works properly
  • Learn how conditional love may have harmed you
  • Understand if your heart is becoming hard
  • Find out if you’re wearing any of the enemy’s armor (as opposed to the armor of God)
  • Discover how to deal with your feelings in “My Emotional Manual”

My Whole Heart will lead you on a supernatural journey to freedom and fulfilment. It will set you up for lasting success.

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Doorway To Your Destiny

God plants His promises within our hearts. He gives us dreams of an amazing life. Then the wait begins. Occasionally, it comes to pass quickly. All too often, it feels like an eternity. If that isn’t enough, we experience pain on the way. Although the longing for a better future burns inside, disappointment can creep in.

If you follow the ‘Joseph Process’ revealed in this book, it will lead you through the doorway to your destiny. You will see your life reflected in its pages and discover things about yourself that you never knew. You will find out what has been holding you back and learn how to accelerate your transformation so that you are ready for your destiny.

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Other books:

30 Day Detox for your soul

Everyone’s experience of life is unique – but no one gets by without being hurt or disappointed along the way. How do we handle this pain? We usually shrug our shoulders, dust ourselves off, and keep going. We may seem to have it together but secretly struggle with discouragement, insecurity, self-doubt, anger, and other issues that hold us back. That’s why we all need a “detox” for the soul!

This book compassionately and effectively helps you to resolve hurts that, perhaps unknown to you, have been hindering your relationships and your progress in life. You will be cleansed emotionally and spiritually while breathing new life into your relationship with God.

30-Day Detox for Your Soul takes you through three 10-day steps:
– Step One: Off-load—Lay down your weights & receive healing & new confidence.
– Step Two: Clean Out—Clear out the clutter in your life and let go of guilt.
– Step Three: Build Up—Restore your dreams & be filled with new strength and life.

As you progress through these steps, you will be renewed—and more ready than ever to fulfill your God-given destiny.

“This book will speak straight to your heart, bringing healing and restoration.”
Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

“This book is a gift from God to change your life.”
Prophet Cathy Lechner

“The blend of spiritual truths…and raw compassion moved me beyond words.”
Bishop Duane Swilley. Founder, A Place Called Hope Church/Avi’s House Network

“Wow! This is the book I’ve been looking for…a manual to prepare you for your destiny.”
Terri Savelle Foy. Conference speaker, author, and success coach

“Frame your future and unlock your destiny.”
Steve Brock. Church of God bishop and well-known television evangelist

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How to stop your destiny being stolen

Dreamstealers exposes seven of the most common problems with the human heart. It reveals how issues like insecurity, people-pleasing or pride can delay or even destroy your destiny. It will help you to recognise hidden problems that hold you back. How do you feel when you’re put down in front of family or friends? What goes on inside when someone challenges you about your shortcomings? How do you react when your peer gets the recognition you crave? Search for yourself in this book: look for a picture of your life in its pages and a reflection of yourself in the chapters. Jo Naughton writes with great personal honesty, bringing clarity and truth. As you read, you will discover some of the obstacles in your way and find Bible solutions to help you remove them.

Price: £9.50

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Lifting The Mask

Who are you when no-one\’s looking?

Do you seem happy and successful to people around you? Perhaps all is well as long as life is good. But sometimes, when you close the door and glance into the mirror, you see a different picture which reflects the pain of the past. Lifting the Mask will help you to understand why you are the way you are. It will help you to recognise the impact of the past on your present and it will show you how you can be set free. It will lead you on a journey towards security and inner contentment. Jo Naughton shares remarkable insights into the issues of the human heart and offers a route to healing and happiness. She writes with great personal honesty and brings life-changing revelation from the Word of God.

Price: £9.50

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Welcome to Ziklag

How to rise from the ashes of tragedy

When the storm clouds of life gather and you are engulfed by grief or surrounded by despair, you need grace to get through. As you read this book, faith will rise in your heart so that you can survive catastrophe and come through even your darkest hour. You will receive a Word-based perspective that will help you deal with devastation and recover after catastrophe.

You will find out how to:
– Triumph over tragedy
– Receive healing and restoration
– Steer your way into new beginnings

Part bible study, part testimony, this powerful book will help point you in the right direction; away from remorse, regret and sorrow and towards happiness, freedom and real joy.

Price: £8.00

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