Fixing the Foundations

Saturday 22nd October 2022 from 9.00am to 6.30pm

Relationships cause more dents in our self-worth than just about anything else. Cutting comments from friends, friction with family or trouble in childhood can wound us within. Breakups, betrayals, harsh remarks by teachers or the actions of leaders can cause cracks in our confidence.

It’s not just the things that happen that can hurt. It is also the things that don’t happen that can create a vacuum in our lives. It only takes a small fault in our foundations to limit the heights that we can go.

Fixing the Foundations is for everyone who wants to be secure, strong and free to fulfill their purpose. Whether you’re a leader or a brand new believer, God will do a wonderful work bringing restoration & refreshing. Times of praise & worship set the atmosphere for teaching sessions which are followed by ministry & prayer.

Fixing the Foundations is on Saturday 22nd October 2022. Registration is at 9.00am for a 9.30am start and will finish at 6.30pm. It will be held at Champions Church, 1801 Havendale Blvd NW, Winter Haven, FL 33881.