Frank’s Freedom

Frank had one issue that repeatedly hurt him and his family. The smallest of slips would cause him to snap. This mild mannered man would unexpectedly erupt in anger at, for example, a broken plate or a spilt drink.

Although Frank suspected that his rage was rooted in his upbringing, he had few childhood memories and could not connect with past hurts. He went to deliverance conferences and inner healing retreats but remained unchanged.

After 40 years as a Christian, Frank came to Healed for Life. During a session, the Holy Spirit showed Frank a memory. He saw his himself as toddler being spanked & beaten. In that moment, Frank’s heart was flooded with God’s healing power. He was overwhelmed with love and joy as God mended his heart.

On returning home, Frank described his new freedom, “I now react normally to everyday situations. Things that would have once made me angry no longer affect me. I can deal with with friction without pressure building. My wife and children have all seen the difference and they are delighted! I have found real peace.”

Broken by Betrayal

Cheryl was disappointed with life. It seemed like everyone she loved had let her down. Two broken engagements left her crushed and bewildered. Betrayal at church shattered her ability to trust.

Deep discouragement hidden in her heart eventually led to depression. Cheryl felt like a cloud of heaviness followed her everywhere she went. Despite this inner anguish, Cheryl wore a mask. She was seen by others as the strong one who had it all together while she was falling apart on the inside.

At Healed for Life, the Holy Spirit shone His light deep into Cheryl’s heart. As Jo shared her testimony of healing after terrible loss, Cheryl began to believe that God could restore her soul too. For the first time in her life, Cheryl poured out the depths of her pain in the presence of God. His love filled her soul and healed her heart.

It did not stop there. God broke the spirit of heaviness and depression off her life. Cheryl explained, “It was absolutely amazing! In one prayer session, I felt like a completely different person. It was as though I came back to life!”

Cheryl left Healed for Life feeling brand new. Roots of rejection were dealt with and she felt free. Not only that, over the course of the two days, Cheryl learned how to deal with life’s future ups and downs in the right way.

Keith’s Story

“I came to this country when I was 22 with big dreams of a great life. I was intent on making my father proud. I got married and started a new business.

“After just two years, my marriage failed and then my thriving business collapsed. From that moment on, I felt branded a failure. Although I was seen as the life and soul of the party, underneath, I was overwhelmed with agony and loneliness. Depression set in and I was struggling to hold it together.

“At Healed for Life, the Holy Spirit revealed hidden hurts that I did not even realise were stifling my life. I am a middle child in a big family and never got much attention. I felt overlooked, unnoticed and rejected. I craved success because I longed for approval. Failure made me feel like I was useless.

“As the truth unravelled inside me, I poured out my heart like water in the presence of the Lord. While I wept, the Holy Spirit healed my heart. I began to understand deep down that I am already approved, I am already accepted and I am unconditionally loved by God. The fear of failure lost its grip. All my shame from years of failure was washed away.

“The freedom I received at Healed for Life was dramatic and instant. I left transformed. I am now looking forward to getting married without any fear of failure. I am reaching for my destiny, knowing that I am fully accepted just as I am.

“If you have ever felt afraid of failing or if you have had any doubts about the future, I encourage you to get to Healed for Life. God wants to heal you and realign you for your destiny.”

“This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!”
Jacqueline Bell, 50s

“The transparency and humility of the speakers opened my heart so that I could receive everything I needed to leave a completely different man”
Geoffrey, 30s

“After marriage and childbirth, this was the greatest experience of my life.”
Joicie, 50s

“Your life will be transformed in 48 hours and the change will last a lifetime. I can vouch for that!”
Nana, 31

“A fantastic opportunity to take time out of your busy schedule to get a fresh perspective, a genuine refreshing and sharpen your edge.”
Charlie, 30s

“I did not want it to end, what an amazing time, it covered everything I needed. WOW!”
Carlton, 30s

“Everybody should experience Healed for Life at least once in their lifetime.”
Miranda, 40s

“Guilt and regrets that I’d been carrying around for too long completely lifted. I feel free to be me and ready to do God’s will.”
David, 19

“It was incredible. The presence of God washed over us like waves. I received a new sense of God’s plan and my purpose.”
Jane, 22

“Healed for Life literally changed my life and I have not been the same since.”
Neil, 30s

“I have been saved for decades and yet Healed for Life changed me. I have an intimacy with God that I have never known before.”
Abbie, 50s

“After Healed for Life, I was completely different. My circumstances did not change but I did. I don’t react the way I used to, I have a calm within and an assurance I had never known before.”
Peter, 40s

These are just a few of countless testimonies of refreshing and restoration:

“Growing up in a loving Christian family and married to an amazing man, I thought I was sorted. I had been a leader for years and never thought I had issues. However, we all get bruised on our journey through life. As Jo ministered, I discovered buried pain that made me defensive and fiercely competitive. Harsh words from teachers and leaders had dented my self-image. With the help of God’s Spirit, I faced hidden hurts and received healing I didn’t know I needed. I have a peace and a security I had not known my whole life. I can honestly say that I am a transformed woman. Everybody needs Healed for life!”

Sarah, 30s


“Healed for Life was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Every session spoke to me personally. While I was growing up, my mum was verbally abusive. It felt as though nothing I ever did was good enough. I was constantly on edge and ended up believing I was not good enough. As an adult, I derived my sense of self-worth from my job and my achievements. I was always trying to prove to myself that I had worth. I often felt insecure. At Healed for Life, God touched me so deeply. The presence of The Lord flowed into my life like waves that cleansed and healed me of many negative experiences. I came to realise that God loves me for who I am not for what I do. I left completely transformed with new peace and security. Everybody should go to Healed for Life. It’s wonderful.”

Phil, 40s


“After a childhood marked by abandonment and sexual abuse, I never really expected to be free. I thought I would have to carry certain burdens to the grave. But through Healed for Life, God took me on an incredible and life-changing healing journey. God shined His light into hidden areas of my heart and brought complete relief. I read all of Jo’s books both before and after Healed for Life. Now I am a new person. I can embrace the love of God and for the first time, I know the Lord has a plan and a purpose for my life. God has restored me.”

Grace, 32


“My wife and I both attended Healed for Life. We have been in ministry for 30 plus years and have been ministering healing to others yet something inside said we should try this event. What a fantastic decision that was! Throughout Healed for Life, both my wife and I received more than we could have ever expected. She left with a freedom she has never known. My view of myself was transformed and my relationship with my elderly father restored. These are two days you don’t want to miss.”

Mike and Clare, 70s


“Everything looked well on the outside: a married woman with four lovely children and a decent job. But I was broken. Crying myself to sleep night after night, I desperately wanted to change but didn’t know how. Searching for fulfilment, I spent far too much money on self-development books and CDs from all over the world. I threw myself into my work, setting ambitious goals in the hope that achievement would make me feel valuable. But I fell flat on my face at every turn, fuelling my feelings of failure.

“I secretly turned to drink. One bottle at the weekends soon became three or four throughout the week. The alcohol combined with comfort eating led me to put on weight which made me feel even worse. Then I decided that that my marriage needed more passion but looked in all the wrong places and messed myself up even more. Everything was wrong and it was starting to affect my health. I was heading for a breakdown.

“From the very beginning of Healed for Life, I was struck by Jo’s humility as she ministered with heart-piercing honesty and love. As the two days continued, I truly encountered God. I felt His love and care in ways I had never known before. He started to peel back layers of sadness and sin with overwhelming tenderness.

“As each session unfolded, we went on a journey and no stone was left unturned. It was like being at a spa for the soul. Sometimes it felt like a relaxing facial and on other occasions it was more of a deep painful body massage, but always soaked with God’s love. By the end, I felt freer than ever and ready to live my life.

“Before, I looked happy but in truth, I was walking wounded. In just two days, my addictions broke, my heart was healed, my relationship with God was restored and I could look forward to the future. I am still work in progress but now I am smiling inside and out.

“I urge anyone who feels something is missing to register for Healed for Life. Thanks to the way God ministered to me through Jo and her wonderful team, I have been changed forever. What He did for me, He will do for you.”

Sam, 40s

*Some names have been changed to protect the identity of the people who have shared.