Dreamstealers Online exposes 7 of the most common problems with the human heart. It reveals how issues like insecurity, concern with people’s opinions or jealousy can delay or even destroy your destiny. It will help you recognize hidden problems that hold you back.

  • Do you get hurt when you’re put down in front of family or friends?
  • Do you push back when someone challenges you about your shortcomings?
  • Do you feel undermined when your peer gets the recognition you crave?
  • Have you been bruised by anger or do you struggle with a short fuse?

Journey with me on this course and you will discover why you are the way you are.  The Holy Spirit will reveal hidden hurts that have held you back and delayed your promotion. You will become more secure, less concerned about others and more at peace with yourself. You will receive tools to help you live your greatest life.

Dreamstealers Online includes 8 powerful sessions, a workbook and access to a private Facebook group which I will check daily for questions and prayer requests.