“As Jo shared about words, cruel names from my teenage years filled my mind. I had buried memories deep down such was the pain and shame they caused me. They were like arrows lodged in my soul, so I allowed the healing to begin. I faced that rejected kid inside of me and let the love of Jesus come flooding in. I can now also speak about my experiences without sadness. I am a testament to the healing power of Jesus!”

Stuart, 45

“I used to think that I was too broken to fix so I convinced myself that I was fine. But memories of my mum’s death haunted me and my dad’s absence kept me lonely. God used Pastor Jo to take me on a healing journey. I felt like she understood my pain. I dealt with hidden issues and God did a deep work. I opened my heart, and bit by bit, I got healed.”

Martha, 23

“Growing up in a loving Christian family, I thought I was sorted. However, we all get bruised on our journey through life. As Jo ministered, I discovered deep wounds that made me defensive and competitive. Negative words from teachers and leaders had damaged my self-image. With the help of God’s Spirit, I faced hidden hurts and received my healing. I can honestly say that I am a transformed woman.”

Sophie, 34

“After a childhood marked by abandonment and sexual abuse, I never really expected to be free. But through the ministry of Pastor Jo, God took me on an incredible and life-changing healing journey. Now I am a new person. I can embrace the love of God and for the first time, I know God has a plan and a purpose for my life. God has restored me.”

Grace, 32

“After 37 years of marriage, I went through a devastating divorce. My husband beat me, repeatedly cheated and refused to contribute financially. I felt humiliated, heartbroken and was at the point of breakdown. Soon my pain turned to bitterness and hate. Pastors, friends and family tried to encourage me but I found it impossible to forgive. I wanted revenge and longed for something terrible to happen to him.

Then I was given ‘Lifting the Mask’ by Jo Naughton. As I read, hope grew in my heart. If God could restore Jo after the death of her daughter, then God could do the same for me. With tears running down my face, I knelt before the Lord and asked Him to heal me. Day by day, the Lord brought healing. I read the book carefully, paying attention to every scripture. I memorised key verses and confessed them every time I felt pain or anger. I was determined to get my healing. Today I have real peace and great joy. I am enjoying life. Recently I met my husband at a family event and warmly shook his hand. The look of shock on his face was a picture!”

Angela, Ghana

*All names have been changed to protect the identity of the people who have shared.