Freedom From Fear

Tuesdays at 7pm (UK) 2pm (East US) 25 October – 22 November 2022 (Watch live or later)

If you worry what people think or seek the approval of others, if you struggle to say ‘no’ or battle with fear in other areas of your life, this 5 week zoom course will lead you to new joy and freedom.

Week One: Trapped Trauma
The Holy Spirit will start to uncover trapped trauma that gave you the propensity to fear. Gently but powerfully, we will journey towards lasting healing

Week Two: Dismantling Fear’s Power
In this session, we will examine the nature of fear and what give fear its power. We will then start to dismantle its grip in your life.

Week Three: Breaking Intimidation
Intimidation is one of the enemy’s ways of keeping you down and preventing you from arising into your highest calling. We will break the power of intimidation in this session.

Week Four: The Spirit Of Fear
We will expose the hold that the spirit of fear has had in your life. We will break its power over you so that you can enjoy genuine freedom.

Week Five: A Life Of Liberty
As we bring this course to a close, we will learn new habits that will enable you to live a life of victory and liberty.

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