29 August – 26 September
Tuesdays 7pm (UK) or 2pm (East USA) join live or watch later

Trust holds relationships together. When it is broken, it can be crushing. Let downs by family or friends, disloyalty in leadership, broken promises, unfaithfulness, backstabbing, the list is endless. Jesus told us that betrayal is inevitable. So the question is not, “Will I be betrayed?” but “How can I come out strong?” The devil’s plan is to mark you. He wants you to become suspicious or wary, he wants you to develop trust issues, build walls or become preoccupied with boundaries. On this course, you will journey to healing and freedom. You will gain practical wisdom so that you can enjoy healthy relationships based on kingdom principle

Week One: Relationship Hurts
You were designed by the Lord to enjoy loyalty, love, and faithfulness. In this session, we will uncover the damage done when trust is shattered. We will look at the ways that such pain affects your life and we will begin a wonderful journey to restoration.

Week Two: The Brutal Truth About Betrayal
Betrayal can be devastating. Family failure, breakdown in friendships, unfaithfulness, disloyalty, bust ups, backstabbing, leadership issues, broken promises, the list is endless. In this session, we will uncover the pain of shattered trust and bring healing to wounds that have weighed you down.

Week Three: Injustice, Confusion and Wariness
When you someone you trust lets you down, it opens the door to confusion, a sense of injustice, wariness, and more. It seeks to hold you in fear and suspicion, leading to emotional isolation and strained relationships. This session will lead you away from the pain of injustice into the confidence that comes from restoration and wisdom.

Week Four: Breaking Betrayal’s Power
This session will show you how to separate yourself from unseen ties holding you to those who have hurt you. It will lead to healing, freedom and new joy. It will show you how to close the door on the past so that you can journey confidently towards a brighter future.

Week Five: Building Healthy Relationships
As we bring this course to a close, you will gain practical tools that will enable you to be enjoy strong and healthy relationships based on kingdom principles.

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