Healing From Trauma

18 July – 8 August
Tuesdays 7pm (UK) or 2pm (East USA) join live or watch later

Even seemingly insignificant events can leave you shaken. You may not realize the damage done, so you will try to put it behind you. Irrespective of the shape or size, trauma leaves its mark. Do you have any of the following telltale signs:

A nervous laugh, a short fuse, dislike of sudden noises, or nervousness around particular people or places. Perhaps you dislike hugs, crowds, highways or making phone calls.

Healing From Trauma is for everyone who wants to be free from the marks of trauma. Delivered via zoom, it will lead you to peace and freedom. You can join live or watch the recordings. We start 18 July.

Week One: Injury and Loss
We will deal with accidents, distressing procedures, traumatic sickness and sudden loss. The Holy Spirit will uncover hidden trauma that has hampered your life. Gently but powerfully, we will begin the journey to healing.

Week Two: Cruelty
In session two, we will bring restoration to the distress of cruelty. That may be neglect, bullying, cruel comments, humiliation, verbal attack, or abuse. Our Heavenly Father will bring healing and peace.

Week Three: Dismantling Distress
In this session, we will discover how the distress of trauma opens the door to various forms of fear. We will unpack the nature of these fears and reveal what gives fear its power. We will then start to dismantle its influence in your life.

Week Four: Breaking Trauma’s Power
As we bring this course to a close, we will expose and destroy the enemy’s secret weapons against you. We will provide you with practical tools so that you can enjoy lasting victory and liberty.

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