16 April – 14 May
Tuesdays 7pm (UK) or 2pm (East USA) join live or watch later

Can you relate to any of these signs of trapped trauma?

  • Bangs or loud noises startle you
  • Certain memories still bring sadness or distress
  • You dislike hospitals, highways or other settings
  • You often feel tense, on guard, or nervous
  • You have occasional outbursts of emotion
  • You’re an anxious driver or passenger
  • You avoid certain places

God is able to go to the roots of trapped trauma and PTSD and bring healing. The restoration of the soul is always a journey, but the Holy Spirit is able to heal every fracture of the human heart. Jesus is the Master Restorer, He specializes in transformation and freedom.

Week One: The Caverns of The Soul
The human heart is deep and complex. It affects every aspect of life and relationships, yet it is also vulnerable. In session one, we will discover how trauma damages the soul and begin the journey to healing.

Week Two: Understanding Human Emotion
Trauma fractures the infrastructure of the soul. This makes it difficult to process emotion. During session two, the Holy Spirit will open the way to understanding and releasing negative emotional energy.

Week Three: Diffusing Distress, Healing Trauma
Trauma is distressing. In order to heal from trauma, we must first diffuse distress. This session will bring wonderful restoration.

Week Four: Anger and Fear
Trauma is terrifying. Many times, it is also unjust and abusive. It has a brutal impact on its victims. It is therefore not surprising that it opens the door to issues with anger and fear. In this session, we will deal with the power behind these unwanted emotions.

Week Five: Understanding and Embracing a Journey
There is a journey that leads to peace and successful relationships. As we draw this course to a close, you will gain practical tools that will keep you on the road to freedom.

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