How To Bring Healing To The Hurting

18 July – 8 August
Tuesdays 7pm (UK) or 2pm (East USA) join live or watch later

Whether you’re a parent who wants to show your children how to be healed, a leader who longs to carry a healing anointing, or someone who has compassion for others, this course will provide training, release impartation and give you practical tools to bring restoration to others.

Week One: The Human Heart
We will uncover the complexity of the human heart, how to know when people need healing and ways to foster the desire to be restored in others.

Week Two: The Power Locked Within You
You will know the phrase: ‘Hurt people hurt people’. This is true, but healed people can bring healing to people. We will unpack how your journey can become someone else’s remedy.

Week Three: Compelled By Compassion
There is a powerful way to help people understand and begin to face their pain. We will explain how to draw pain from the deep wells of the human heart. Gifts will be released in prayer.

Week Four: Anointed For Healing
Our final session will provide practical tools to unlock pain and release healing into the lives of others. You will be shown how to partner with the Holy Spirit to bring restoration to His people. There will be a time of prayer and impartation.

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