It Stops With Me

Ending Negative Family Cycles

March 21st – April 18th
Thursdays 5pm (CDT) 6pm (EST) 10pm (GMT) join live or watch later

God’s desire was for you to be been born into a loving family and raised by your mother and father in an atmosphere of love, peace and security. When sin entered the world, so did rejection, rivalry, cruelty, favoratism, fights, anger, dysfunction, and more. This life changing 5 week zoom course will break invisible barriers so that you can succeed. Through insightful teaching and powerful ministry, hidden hurts will be healed, burdens will be lifted, and you will experience the God’s love like never before. Join live or watch the recordings.

Week 1: God’s Original Plan For You
You were designed to be fruitful and to increase in every area of your life (see Genesis 1:28). In session one, the Holy Spirit will uncover buried pain that has stifled your gifts and stunted your growth. We will journey towards healing and freedom.

Week 2: Family Mindsets
We will expose how family mindsets create generational strongholds, unhelpful habits, strained relationships, hidden hurts, and other cyclical difficulties. In session two, old mindsets that have limited your life will be broken.

Week 3: Breaking Generational Dysfunction
In session three, we will deal with generational dysfunction that has been hampering your life. The Holy Spirit will reveal, heal, and break unseen bondages so that you can succeed and the next generation can thrive.

Week 4: Closing The Door
In week four, arguments that the enemy has used to hamper your life will be shut down. We will close a hidden demonic door and bring you into liberty so that you can thrive in life.

Week 5: Free To Be Fruitful
We will present you with practical tools that will enable you to stay free and live a fruitful life. You will be restored, refreshed and empowered to fulfill your God-given destiny.

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