Life After THE Death OF A LOVED ONE

4 June – 2 July
Tuesdays 7pm (UK) or 2pm (East USA) join live or watch later

Because death is so final, the impact on those left behind can be far reaching. You may struggle to shake off the sadness. You could miss your loved one’s company, support, or even their advice. You might have an ache inside. Perhaps you’re ok until something reminds you of them, and then you feel a stab of pain.

They may have passed away decades ago, or just weeks ago, but if you still feel the loss of someone you loved, this 5 week zoom course is for you. Through Bible-based anointed teaching and prayer ministry, you will join us on a journey towards lasting healing and peace. You will gain insights and discover tools that will help you live a full life.

Week 1: Facing Tragedy
Together, we will begin the journey of unlocking and releasing buried pain that is keeping your heart heavy and sad.

Week 2: If Only…
We will deal with the sadness of unfulfilled dreams and discover how to handle broken hopes.

Week 3: Painful Reminders
This session will provide you with helpful ways of responding to everyday and unexpected reminders of your loved one. It will show you how these moments can bring healing.

Week 4: Injustice
In this session, we will begin to diffuse the distress associated with injustice, confusion, and unanswered questions.

Week 5: Living A New Life
As we bring this course to a close, we will share tools that will help you to navigate a new season and discover how to embrace the future.

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