Overcoming Disappointment

23 Jan – 20 Feb
Tuesdays 7pm (UK) or 2pm (East USA) join live or watch later

Unresolved disappointment can leave you heavy-hearted and discouraged. It can make it hard to believe for God’s best. The sadness and sense of injustice may cause you to slow down or even give up on your dreams. If you feel down or discouraged, Overcoming Disappointment will lead you to fresh hope and joy.

Week One: Sadness
When dreams are shattered or hopes fade, the sense of loss can be significant. In session one, the Holy Spirit will uncover hidden sadness, help you release your pain and begin the journey to wonderful restoration.

Week Two: Disappointment With People
All too often, people contribute to the let downs of our lives. Sometimes we feel disappointed in ourselves. We will deal with the human side of disappointment and journey to joy and freedom.

Week Three: The Sense Of Injustice
If you have been praying or believing, but nothing goes according to plan, the sense of injustice can be overwhelming. In this session, the Holy Spirit will lift the heavy weight of feeling let down.

Week Four: Lifting Heaviness
One of the hardest side effects of disappointment is the heaviness it leaves behind. In this session, we will kick heaviness out and usher in new joy.

Week Five: The Power Of Hope
Hope produces faith and faith unlocks your dreams. As we bring this course to a close, you will gain practical tool to release fresh hope and build strong faith.

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