Overcoming Insecurity

Tuesdays at 7pm (UK) 2pm (East US) 13 September – 11 October 2022 (watch live or later)

  • Do you worry what people think?
  • Does failing make you feel like a failure?
  • Do you often compare yourself with others?
  • Do you feel inferior around successful people?
  • Do you get defensive when someone points out your shortcomings?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then Overcoming Insecurity will lead you to peace and a wonderful inner confidence.

Week One: The Roots Of Insecurity
The Holy Spirit will start to uncover hidden hurts that have held you captive. Gently but powerfully, we will journey towards lasting healing

Week Two: Hurtful Habits
In this session, we will uncover the habits that feed insecurity in your life. We will break hurtful habits and build helpful habits in their place.

Week Three: Negative Thoughts
The enemy wants you to doubt and criticise yourself. We will expose the lies that the enemy has told you and discover how to develop a healthy thought life.

Week Four: The Spirit of Fear
We will expose the the spiritual power behind insecurity and we will break the hold that the spirit of fear has had over your heart and life.

Week Five: Security In God
As we bring this course to a close, we will learn how to grow in security from the inside out.

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