Unblocking Your Emotions

4 April – 2 May
Tuesdays 7pm (UK) or 2pm (East USA) join live or watch later

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, this course will help you develop healthy relationships. It will lead you to healing and freedom:

  • Do you ignore or swallow pain?
  • Do you internalize your thoughts or feelings?
  • Do you struggle to express your emotions?
  • Do you feel detached or numb inside?

Week One: Your Soul
An interactive session using our tailored self-assessment tools to help you understand your emotional behaviors and the roots of unhealthy habits

Week Two: Blocked Pain
We will uncover blockages in your soul that have caused emotional detachment

Week Three: Words & Wounds
Together we will discover the impact of negative talk & experiences on your inner life

Week Four: Self Love God’s Way
This session will lead you on a journey of emotional reconnection by embracing the person that God has designed you to be

Week Five: Emotional Health
We will finish this course by learning healthy habits for your soul as well as how to foster a closer connection with your Heavenly Father

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