Unblocking Your Emotions

Tuesdays at 7pm (UK) 2pm (East US)
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If you answer yes to any of the questions below, this course will help you develop healthy relationships. It will lead you to healing and freedom:

  • Do you ignore or swallow pain?
  • Do you internalize your thoughts or feelings?
  • Do you struggle to express your emotions?
  • Do you feel detached or numb inside?

Week One: Your Soul
An interactive session using our tailored self-assessment tools to help you understand your emotional behaviors and the roots of unhealthy habits

Week Two: Blocked Pain
We will uncover blockages in your soul that have caused emotional detachment

Week Three: Words & Wounds
Together we will discover the impact of negative talk & experiences on your inner life

Week Four: Self Love God’s Way
This session will lead you on a journey of emotional reconnection by embracing the person that God has designed you to be

Week Five: Emotional Health
We will finish this course by learning healthy habits for your soul as well as how to foster a closer connection with your Heavenly Father

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