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Words Can Be Weapons

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God created the whole world by the power of His words. Motivated by love and hope, He breathed life into every living creature. That was the Lord’s original plan for the tongue – to bring happiness and peace. Sadly, most of us end up being on the wrong end of wounding words at some time or other. I don’t know what hurtful things have been said to you. Perhaps in the heat of an argument, your husband or wife cut…

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If You Were A Flower Or A Tree, Which Kind Would You Be?

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With my hand on my heart and my eyes tightly shut, I prayed a prayer that would one day become a lifestyle: “Lord, search my heart and reveal anything that is hindering your love from flowing through me.” Soon, I saw a big yellow bloom and God said, “You’re my sunflower.” I was a little surprised. To me, sunflowers were brash and gaudy. My favourite flower was a fresia – subtle, dainty and sweet-scented. “I don’t like that”, I thought….

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Planks Are Hard To See!

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I find it so much easier to spot the spec in everybody else’s eyes than I do to see the plank in my own eye! When people do things that hurt us, the normal human response is to react, defend and even accuse. When people’s words or actions hurt us, we easily assume that they are in the wrong. But all too often it’s us. Recently I went on vacation. You need to understand that my job on family holidays…

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Why I Had To Kill My Hero

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A few years ago, I was flying to Dubai to be the main speaker at a major women’s conference. But there was a slight problem: I had completely lost my voice. I don’t mean that it was a little scratchy. There was nothing, nada! And it had been that way for five full days. God gave me His word that I would preach so I was confident that He would come through but it was a little nerve-wracking to say…

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