“One of the most amazing experiences in my whole life” – Julie
“Everyone should go to Healed for Life!” – Matthew

Life can be tough. We go through all sorts of difficulties and disappointments and get hurt along the way. It may look as though all is well but all too often we secretly struggle with discouragement, insecurity, fear and other issues.

Perhaps memories of your past make you squirm. You may feel awkward or anxious around certain people. There could be a sadness beneath the surface. Maybe you know exactly what holds you back or perhaps you cannot pinpoint why you sometimes struggle.

Healed for Life is for anyone who wants to be completely free so that you can live life to the full. Whether you are a leader or a brand new believer, God will do a wonderful work within bringing refreshing and restoration. Times of praise and worship set the atmosphere for teaching sessions which are followed by ministry and prayer. Topics include:

– Self image –
– The effects of rejection –
– Loss and disappointment –
– Words that hurt –
– Dealing with regret & shame –
– A new beginning –

Healed for Life will bring you on a journey towards security, peace and wholeness. It will help to restore and strengthen you so that you will be more ready than ever to fulfill your God-given destiny.

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