How To Get The Best Out Of The Rest of 2020 | Como Hacer Que El Resto Del 2020 Sea Lo Mejor

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It’s been a difficult year. I don’t know what’s been hardest for you, but I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of grief, disappointment and pressure. 

The enemy wants you to give up and he would like it if you would write off the rest of 2020. He wants you to think, “It’s nearly over, so just get across the finish line and hope that 2021 is better.”

But God always has a plan for His people. You can finish 2020 strong, you don’t have to limp to the end of December, you can run across the finish line. Not only that, the best way to prepare yourself for a better 2021 is to complete this year well.

Here are three steps to getting the best of the rest of this year:


God has a plan for the final few weeks of the year. The key is to find out what He has in store. Ask the Lord to show you what He wants you to focus on, starting from today! It could be soul winning, reading, a business launch or some sort of family plan.

During the storms 2020, I stopped writing daily. God didn’t tell me to put my pen down, but I did anyway. A few weeks ago, I sensed the Lord ask me to finish my new book called Traumatized. I started writing again immediately and I’m determined to finish it soon! 


Hebrews 11:1 tells us what faith is, verse 2 says,  “For by it (that’s faith) the elders obtained a good testimony.” These people went out and got themselves a testimony by applying their faith.

It’s in the tough times that we need to be determined. Once you have prayerfully picked a project to focus on, apply your faith. Pray and ask God to move supernaturally on your behalf. Focus on finishing 2020 with a great testimony. 


As you push in prayer and step out in faith, make praise a daily habit. When you wake up in the morning, if you don’t like singing, then speak praises: “God you are awesome, you are faithful, you are so good to me!” Praise is powerful and will help drive away any discouragement.

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Este año ha sido difícil no se que ha sido lo más difícil, pero estoy segura que has vivido tu porción justa de duelo, decepción y presión. 

El enemigo quiere que te des por vencido y que te apagues por el resto del 2020. El quiere que pienses “ya casi se acaba, arrástrate a la meta y el 2021  será mejor.”

Pero Dios siempre tiene un plan para sus hijos. Tu puedes terminar el 2020 fuerte, no tienes que cojear en el mes de diciembre, puedes correr a la recta final. No solo eso, la mejor forma de prepararte para un buen 2021, es terminar bien este año. 

A continuación tres pasos para alcanzar lo mejor en el resto del año. 


Dios tiene un plan para el resto del año. La clave para saber lo que está a la espera. Pídele a Dios que te revele en que debes enfocarte, empezando hoy! Puede ser ganar almas, leer un libro, lanzar un negocio o un plan de familia. 

En las tormentas del 2020, deje de escribir diariamente. Dios no me dijo que guardara mi bolígrafo, pero yo lo hice. Semanas atrás, sentí departe del Señor, terminar mi próximo libro “traumatizado.” Empecé a escribir inmediatamente. 

  1. ORA EN FE

Hebreos 11:1 nos dice que es la Fe, el verso 2 dice “Porque por ella (la Fe) alcanzaron buen testimonio los antiguos.”  Estas personas salieron y alcanzaron un testimonio por aplicar la Fe. 

En los tiempos difíciles necesitamos  estar fuerte. Después de orar por el proyecto en que te enfocarás, aplica la Fe. Enfócate en terminar el 2020 con un gran testimonio. 


Mientras empujas en oración, has del alabar un hábito diario. Cuando despiertas en la mañana, si no te gusta cantar declara alabanzas: “Dios tu eres maravilloso, eres fiel, eres tan bueno con migo.” La alabanza es tan poderosa y te ayudará a sacar todo desaliento. 

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  • Adrian Smith says:

    Thanks for the motivation to keep going in 2020 and finish the year well. I have been doing something I call 60@60 to raise money for the charity Open Doors. 60 activities in my 60th year (or 61st technically!). 3 months into the year the latest challenge has been a tough one that has pushed me to the edge emotionally (revealing a perfectionism/self pity and anger I hoped I was getting more healed in when something didn’tcome out as I wanted). But at the same time the rewards of this activity have been great. Your blog came at just the right time to motivate me to keep going and not lose hope. So thank you.

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