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What makes your stomach churn? Is it the whirring lights and sirens as an ambulance rushes past? Is it the thought of public speaking? Perhaps you cower when voices are raised or harsh words are spoken? Maybe for you it’s the thought of failing. 

Fear is an enemy, the Bible is clear about that. I haven’t counted myself, but I have heard it said that, “Fear not” is in scripture 365 times. That’s once for every day of the year.  Proverbs 29:25 says that fearing people is a dangerous trap. So could fear ever serve a purpose?


The answer to that question is definitely yes. Let me explain. Fear always has an object of dread. We are rarely just afraid. More often we are scared of something specific. You could be afraid of driving on highways, or that you might crash. You might be fearful of men in authority.

Fear is almost always attached to something. The real issue is not whether you are afraid, the important question is why you afraid? Fear is often a sign that you have an unresolved heart issue. Instead of running away from your fears, go to God and ask Him to show you the root.

I refer to Rebekah’s Request in virtually all my books because it is one of the most useful prayers you can pray. Rebekah was pregnant but things didn’t feel right. We don’t know if she was in pain or just churning. So she enquired of the Lord, “If all is well, why am I like this?” (Gen 25:22)


Recently, I had to reach out to some journalists. I realised that every time I thought about the task, my stomach turned. I could not work out why I felt so uncomfortable, so I asked the Lord, “If all is well, then why am I afraid of calling the press?” 

Within a matter of minutes, God took me back to three forgotten memories from my first year of work – nearly thirty years ago! I was stunned. As a woman that has been on my healing journey for nearly 15 years, I had no idea I had these unhealed hurts. 

As the Lord showed me each memory, one by one, I told Him about the pain and He healed my heart. I was working in media relations at the time and my job involved talking to journalists! These long forgotten wounds were still affecting me all these years later. 


As I left my time of prayer, my heart was healed and I was no longer afraid of calling journalists. But not just that, I felt like a burden (that I didn’t even know I was carrying) had been lifted from my shoulders. The heart is certainly complex! 

If you are (or become) aware of seemingly random fears, please don’t ignore them any longer. Instead, go to the Lord and ask Him to reveal – and then heal – the root. Use Rebekah’s Request to help you. You will be relieved and you will enjoy your new found freedom. 

At the events we have coming up, I am going to be sharing more in this area and I know God is going to do an extraordinary work in every heart and life. Please join us at Refresh UK and Refresh Fl for a life changing time in the presence of God. 

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  • Gloria Pearl Matthews says:

    Wow Pastor Jo this has brought some deep searching. As you said the heart is so complex. The searching of the heart is continuous and necessary on the journey of wholeness.
    Thanks so much.
    Blessings. Pearl

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