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Knowing your unique purpose is paramount. The desire to achieve your mandate will get you up in a morning. And that same longing will help you to keep going when you feel like giving up.

But did you know you have both a public and a private purpose? Let’s look at your public purpose first, but please don’t stop reading until you understand your private purpose too!


People often ask me how they can discover their destiny. I always tell folk that it unfolds. Just like the sunshine causes a flower to unfurl, so the more we grow in God, we will work out what we were designed to do. Two things can help us:


The more we get healed of hidden hurts that hamper our lives, the clearer our individual mandate will become. When insecurities drop off and worry about the opinions of people fall away, you will find it so much easier to work out your unique gifts.


Also, there are questions you can ask yourself that will help. For example, “What makes me angry? What fills me with compassion? What causes me to come alive on the inside?”

If human injustice makes you angry, if mistreatment of people breaks your heart, and if hearing about people escaping trafficking makes you come alive, then maybe God has called you to social justice.


It is important to know what I call your public purpose. But it is possibly even more critical that you and I grasp what I call our private purpose.

Paul the apostle described his here: “[For my determined purpose is] that I may know Him [that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him…” (Phil 3:10a Amp)

The apostle’s public purpose was to bring the gospel to the gentiles – and I am sure glad he succeeded! (See Acts 9:15). Paul pursued this purpose with all his heart.


However, Apostle Paul also understood the absolute importance of his private purpose, to spend every day of his life getting to know God better and better.

In our pursuit of our dreams and desires, it is vital that we do not lose sight of our private purpose. Just as you may have a plan for fulfilling your public purpose, why not make a plan for accomplishing your private purpose too?

What can you do day by day to get to know God better? Why not identify an easy to add habit that you can introduce to your daily routine? Five extra minutes spent worshiping, praying or reading will add up over the year and will bring you closer than ever to your Savior.


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  • Debbie Drash says:

    Hi Jo! This is Chaplain Debbie Drash, friends of the Agnini family in Lakeland, Florida. We visited with you, Donna, & I at their home. My niece Bobbi has recommitted her life to Christ! She was baptized on Mother’s Day. The baby is beautiful & healthy, Rose, who will be 6 months soon. She was dedicated & baptized July 3. The real spiritual test comes Aug 21 when Henry, Bobbi’s husband gets released from jail. Thank you for your time that day & continued prayer for Rebecca (my Sister) & the family for protection. Thank you for your ministry & the web site articles! I appreciate you!!

    • Jo Naughton says:

      Hi Debbie, it’s wonderful to hear from you. I thank God for His faithfulness in what He has done so far. I’m praying for the best possible outcome for the whole family. I’m glad you enjoy the blogs too. Much love, Jo

      • Thanks so much Pastor Jo. As you know I am your long time follower secret disciple. I have used these posts and information to help my team of young people here in Africa #Uganda in the Ministry God entrusted with me of Global Revival League.
        Many have been delivered from the evil spitfire depression, trauma, sorrow and anxiety. They give live testimonies and I trust God net year if God allows you… I shall host you in our ministry to speak to hundreds of Young people from the churches, community, High schools and Universities where we minister. Many Ugandan Youths of our generation are undergoing through a lot of physiological torture yet the solution is in Jesus however they need adult mentors to speak into their lives. I am trying to do my part according to the grace given unto me. Thanks God bless you abundantly and exceedingly in Jesus mighty name.

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