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I will never forget the message a friend of ours preached at our church after our two-year-old daughter died. Everyone was affected by the loss.

Our people were struggling to understand why their pastors had been robbed so terribly. Grief was hovering and people needed help if not answers.

Our friend preached the kind of message only a pastor could minister. He exhorted us to continue doing the things we knew to do.


There is something about carrying on which makes you and I strong. The temptation in the midst of trauma is to give up, to stop praying, to push the Bible to one side and quit church. That is exactly what the enemy wants for every one of us.

To endure is to carry on irrespective. I was broken hearted in that season but I probably seemed strong. Why? Simply by sticking to God’s plan for my life.


To achieve almost anything in life demands determination. We must be capable of continuing when others might give up. We must be able to withstand pressure without caving in. We must be able to handle failure and be ready to obey no matter the cost. Put simply, to get the best out of life, we need to become strong.

We don’t build our muscles by reading books about weight-lifting. We increase our power by applying hefty pressure in the gym. In the same way, enduring through tough times builds great inner strength.

When we feel weak, we can be strong simply by carrying on. Being consistent when you feel like giving up creates an inner tenacity that will build you up. Continuing through thick and thin makes you resilient.


A large church in Columbia was growing so rapidly that it needed a bigger building and fast. An exciting new sanctuary that could cater for colossal crowds was erected and a dedication service was planned.

The evening before the grand opening, a section of the auditorium unexpectedly collapsed. Thank God, this accident happened during the night and not the following day when the building would have been full to capacity.

Upon inspection, it became clear that one of the pillars was not strong enough to hold up the massive structure. It had not been reinforced nor had it been tested. The pillar had collapsed and taken the entire back section down with it.


The kingdom of God needs real pillars: people that will learn to carry the weight of responsibility at home, at church and in the community. It needs steely strong people who are immovable and dependable, whatever the circumstances.

Increasing numbers of successful companies are introducing new recruitment policies. They will not hire people who have not known what it is to fail. Instead, they look for those that have fallen but have demonstrated the strength to get back up again.

The best ways that you and I grow in strength are by getting back up after falling on our faces, and by learning to endure pressure and pain. When you embrace seasons of difficulty as opportunities to grow, you come out the other side with greater stature and stability. You can then look back and be thankful for the transformation.


The truth is that promotion brings new battles. We need to become strong where we are now so that we can endure where we are going. If you look back to before your latest trial began, I think you will see growth that could not have happened any other way. Every day that you endure, you are getting stronger.

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  • Candice Taylor says:

    So I have to say this. This is inspirational. However I was my boyfriend when I was only 13, and I don’t feel that made me stronger or that I now have more tenacity. All that did is break me down, fill me full of demons, break my character, lower my self worth and esteem. So I don’t complain agree with this.

    • Jo Naughton says:

      Dear Candice, I am so sorry to hear about your terrible ordeal. After such a trauma, I know that God would want to heal your heart. The pain of rape at any age is awful. At 13, it can be devastating. I pray that God takes you on a healing journey. Any of my books or events will help you to be restored. I am praying for you. With much love, Jo

    • Christine Fogarty says:

      Hi Candice please in no way take this as me comparing your pain with mine for many years I carried that shame I have never shared to this level before but I was abused by my uncle and his son at the age of 13 before I came to jesus I was abused by a taxi driver never thought I would make home
      Then rapped by three men through my life before coming to jesus Satan wanted this to stop my becoming a Christian and to trust in a God that would allow this to happen to me more than once. BUT I came to god with that anger and pain and gave it to him, Iwhen ever I hear of that happening to another woman my heart aches for them and a bit of anger if I’m honest I was taught to pray for my enemies so I stated doing that I of course was honest with God and said I don’t feel like doing this I don’t feel love for them but I know you do so I pray forgiveness for them and they come to know Jesus I’ll never know how much that prayer did for them but I know what it did for me it set me free from what could have destroyed me.
      Then my heart went out to give or support where other women had been raped like persecuted christian women in different countries it was like taking what the devil planned to destroy me and turning the pain into god’s gain it has and still dose release me and advanced god’s kingdom instead of Satan’s when we think that these people will one day face god’s judgment and if not repented of leads them to internal torment that gave me compassion to pray for them I pray God will bless you and set you free too because it’s not them in pain it’s you bless you hope you don’t mind me sharing bless you in Jesus name amen

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