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I could count on one hand the people I know who don’t care what others think, but my husband is one of them. He values those God has placed in his life, yet he doesn’t care if his choices or views offend others.  

That sounds great, but it was a huge problem for me! I cared far too much what others thought. As a result, I had to watch what I said AND I had to cover up for what he said! 

Christian conferences were so stressful because the opinions of pastors really bothered me. I would be exhausted after trying to cover his tracks (and mine) for several days!  


It wasn’t just preachers I wanted to please. If I was with successful friends, I wouldn’t be much better. As nervous energy built up, my arms would go flying – knocking drinks over as I told stories. 

I would go home after dinner with friends worrying what I’d said and how I’d said it. I’d be concerned that I’d talked too much or been too loud. I would wish I wasn’t so noisy and often purpose to be quiet in future. 

Then there were the people who I looked to for approval. If I was part of a discussion at work or church, I would be conscious of what certain people thought. As a thermometer registers temperature, I would unknowingly monitor the reactions of certain individuals.

I worried what people thought of me for what felt like a lifetime. I wasn’t really aware that this was a problem. After all, it was my normal; but it was exhausting. Until the day my life changed forever…


One Friday lunchtime while I was at a pastor’s conference, the Holy Spirit shone His light into the depths of my heart and revealed the reason why I worried what people thought. Deep down inside, I didn’t feel like I was enough. I looked to others to validate me because   I felt inadequate. 

The Lord took me on an amazing journey that transformed me from the inside out. Over the months that followed, insecurities dropped off like water off a duck’s back. I no longer minded what people thought and felt an inner peace I didn’t know existed.

I remained on a healing journey for a few years.  Out the other side, I can honestly say that  every single one of my most important relationships has improved or been restored. Since then, I have had the joy of witnessing God do for others what He did for me. 


If you worry about people’s opinions, ask the Lord to reveal the reasons. The Holy Spirit will heal hidden hurts that made you feel bad about yourself. He will take you on a journey to freedom. If you’re already on that journey, don’t get off until you’re completely free.

If you want to changed and restored, sign up for The Virtual Encounter before early bird prices end on Monday. God will do more in two days than you would normally experience in two years. 

We are running two Virtual Encounters: 7-8 May for Europe and May 21-22 for the Americas. Space is limited so book here before it fills. And please share, everyone needs to experience this freedom! 

Nunca antes he usado el blog para contar noticias del ministerio. Esto es tan bueno que tiene que ser compartido. Dios nos ha dado los planos para una nueva forma de traer transformación a las vidas.

Healed for Life, el encuentro virtuales dos días de interacción rumbo al gozo & la libertad. Si quieres una experiencia que te cambie de adentro hacia afuera, es esto. 

Personas que han experimentado Healed for Life en persona has sido transformadas de manera no esperada. Te comparto algunos de sus comentarios de cómo Healed for Life los impacto:

“Me ayudo a sacar la mejor versión mía.”

“Por primera vez pude arreglar las relaciones rotas.”

“Me sentí completamente libre,  todas las cargas fueros quitadas.”

“Al fin, puedo ser quien soy.”


Este encuentro que cambia vidas llega directo a tu casa, sin paredes. Muchos sus vidas fueron transformadas y sus relaciones también.  Un hombre nos dijo “ahora mi esposa es mi mejor amiga.” Una señora  nos dijo “mi familia completa somos mejores ahora, soy una mejor madre.”

Porque no le permites al amor de Dios que te sane de dolores ocultos que te retienen? Se parte de Healed for Life el encuentro virtual este mayo.

  • Nuestro equipo estará orando y ayunando por ti, desde el momento en que te registres.
  • El chequeo incial en zoom será un día antes, donde conocerás algunos de los miembros del equipo. 
  • Una caja será enviada a tu casa con una libreta, una taza especial, un bolígrafo, pañuelos desechables , sobres sellados y un paquete de regalo especial del evento.
  • Recibirás tres videos de 5 minutos para prepararte para el evento. 
  • 8 sesiones maravillosas, maravillosa adoración, poderosa oración y ministracion por zoom.
  • Temas incluidos: restaurando tu imagen, lidiando con la decepción y la pérdida, salir de la inseguridad, libres del temor, rompiendo con la culpa y el remordimiento & mucho más.
  • Café y almuerzo se disfrutar en cuartos aparte.
  • Oracion uno a uno tomara lugar en cuartos virtuales. 

Haremos dos encuentros virtuales este mes de mayo. Al fin, es alcanzar a todo el mundo. Por ahora, si estás en Europa, (7-8 de Mayo) o las Americas (21-21 de Mayo), estás cubierto.

Registracion Temprana £79 después de abril 5 £99 por persona. Registracion temprana: $99 después de abril 5 $129. Tenemos limite de 300 personas, los espacios serán dados en orden de llegada. 

Si este blog te bendijo, ayúdame a compartir esta noticia. Puedes compartir el correo electrónico, puedes compartir el enlace con amigos y familia. También puedes compartir el enlace por plataformas sociales. 

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