A Story of Small Beginnings

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Jesus is God. All the fullness of the godhead is in Him in bodily form. The whole world was made through Him. He is perfectly powerful. Yet He entered the world as a tiny, defenceless baby.

And once He was here, there were no short cuts for Jesus. He had to learn to walk. He had to learn to talk. He grew at exactly the same pace that you and I grew as children: just one day at a time!

And even though Jesus knew God His whole life, He had to wait until He was 30 to step into His destiny.

Small start

Why am I saying all this? You may have started small. You may feel like you’re growing slowly. You may struggle to see the progress that you’ve made. But what matters is that you are growing and you are moving forward.

I encourage you to look back over the years. You may not be able to detect this month’s growth but I am sure you can see how far you have come over time.

Just because this year hasn’t been exactly what you expected does not mean that God has not been with you, teaching you and training you.

One gift you can give Jesus this Christmas is to stop in the midst of the hassle and bustle of festivities and thank Him for everything He has done for you. Instead at looking at your disappointments, focus on His favour in your life.

The turnaround

For thirty years it looked as though nothing was happening in Jesus’s life. Then one day everything changed… he stepped into His destiny.

And all the while that Jesus was simply learning and working, God was working behind the scenes and setting the stage for Jesus to be revealed.

He was working in the hearts of some fisherman who started to get restless. A tax collector was suddenly developing a conscience. People who were sick were crying out for a Healer.

In the same way, even though it might look as though not much has changed for you this year, know that your Lord has been at work making preparations for your promotion.

When you think about the Christmas story this weekend, remember, even Jesus started small. So you don’t need to worry at all. Your future is in His hands.

I want to thank you for your love and support this year and I wish you, your family and all that are near and dear to you, a very happy Christmas.

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