By 1st February 2019 Jo Naughton

Before I was in full time ministry, I provided management coaching to corporate leaders. I helped people who had been newly promoted into senior roles to develop the skills to be a success. I provided my clients with an analysis of current strengths & weaknesses and then we developed a plan to help them grow.

One topic that we covered was the power of thoughts. We all tend to think on at least two levels. We have our conscious thoughts that are at the forefront of our minds. In addition, we have musings that are beneath the surface.


We are not always conscious of those thoughts, yet they have a significant impact upon our performance. I used to call this realm of unconscious thought the twilight zone and I would help my clients develop the right inner thinking.

Psalm 64:6 says, “The inner thought and heart of man are deep.” The Hebrew word for inner can also be interpreted as heart. It would therefore be possible to translate this verse as follows: “The heart thought – and heart of man – are deep.”

This suggests we have different types of thoughts. We have head thoughts, but we also have heart thoughts. Sometimes our heart thoughts are hidden. They are our inner beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.


Heart thoughts can be so deep that they don’t even have words. They may, at times, be expressed by a sigh or a groan – or they may be completely concealed. Proverbs 23:7 makes a powerful statement: “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Our heart thoughts determine how we live our lives. Do you remember old fashioned movie projectors? Perched on a tripod, they would project light through rolling tape onto a screen. That’s what our inner thoughts are like. They roll out the movie of our lives.

My heart thoughts will determine the person I become. They draw a boundary around my potential to succeed in almost every area of life. If I think I am capable, I will achieve much more than if I doubt my competence.


God has placed great potential on the inside of you to succeed in every area of life. However, if you doubt your ability deep down or you believe you are a disappointment, you will probably struggle to fulfill that potential.

Heart thoughts are deep convictions. They are the views you hold, and often unconsciously project, about yourself. These thoughts are molded by life’s experiences and are locked away in the filing cabinets of your inner vault.

God wants to heal the wounds that created your life limiting heart thoughts. He wants to re-write your inner narrative deep down in your soul. For this, you need to allow God to do a new work within.

Today’s blog is an excerpt from My Whole Heart, now also on audio book. If you have not yet got it, I encourage you to do so. It will help you uncover hidden hindrances so that you can be free to thrive. #JoinTheJourney

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