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God has put key people in your life to enable you to fulfill your purpose. They may be door openers. They could be character refiners. They might be advisors. Whatever their role, their presence is vital.


Abraham could not fulfill his purpose without Sarah. She was the one who enabled him to become the father of faith. Joseph needed a recommendation from the butler and the favor of Pharaoh to step into his destiny and save two nations.

Joshua needed to be close to Moses to gain the wisdom to become a world changer. Esther needed to obey her cousin Mordecai to become Israel’s savior. Elisha needed to follow Elijah wherever he went to receive a double measure of the anointing.

I’m sure Abraham and Sarah went through tough times, but they came out the other side. I doubt Elijah was easy to serve, but Elisha followed him – even when the prophet tried to push him away. Esther may have been afraid of obeying Mordecai, but his advice saved the Jewish people.


The enemy knows that your destiny connectors are vital to your life. So he works overtime to spoil these relationships. He will make sure that they hurt you and fail you. The devil will make you believe they don’t matter to you, or that you aren’t important to them.

Even in the best of marriages, we get hurt. The enemy tries to use every wound to cause a wedge. Satan wants you to shut down and push key people away. If you’ve never been married, you’ve probably been in love. The enemy will use the pain of the past to make you wary of the future.

That’s why we need to be healed. Stop for a moment and ask God to show you the people who are important to your purpose. Forgive them if they have failed you. Ask the Lord to heal your heart if they have hurt you.


Please don’t stop there. We were made for relationship. God does not want you to carry any unhealed hurts. They always hinder your life in all sorts of ways. When we are healed, we can be free to fulfill every ounce of our God given purpose.

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