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Relationships hurt. Especially relationships with the people we love the most. Things are said that leave us questioning ourselves. Misunderstandings leave us frantically trying to put things right again. Accusations about our motives can make us afraid to rise up.

Then there are old wounds. Trauma from the past makes us wary of anything that reminds us of what went wrong. The way we were treated growing up affects our view of people as adults. Too many times we end up with trust issues.

Let downs by those who were once close can create a vacuum in our lives. We can be surrounded by people and yet ache with loneliness. Pain is part of life, so we think it doesn’t matter. Most of us just move on, trying to dismiss buried pain.


Our Heavenly Father has a different perspective. He knows that unhealed hurts hamper our lives. We often end up feeling down or discouraged but we don’t know why. Time does not really heal, it just makes us forget why we feel the way we do.

But buried pain is bad for us and it negatively affects our relationships. That’s why God wants to heal every secret sadness in your soul. He wants to lead you (and keep you) on the journey to peace and security.

Ecclesiastes 10:11 says, “Remove sorrow from your heart.” This isn’t an invitation. It is an instruction for the sake of our future. Isaiah 53:4 says that Jesus, “…has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows…” He took our pain upon Himself so that we could enjoy His healing.


Just as we should not tolerate sickness in our bodies, but always seek His healing, so we should not settle for any sadness in our souls. Jesus made the way for us to be completely free.

I encourage you to make a decision right now to relentlessly pursue security and freedom. If you have already joined the journey to inner wholeness, stick with it. If you are new to this, ask the Lord in prayer today to heal every hidden hurt in your heart. Prioritize your inner wellbeing for the sake of your future.


The more you and I allow the Lord to heal hidden hurts in the deep recesses of our souls, the more loving and secure we become. We can put on a show for the world that all is well, but our nearest and dearest know the truth.

I can tell you from personal experience that the journey to wholeness takes a lifetime. But on the way, life becomes easier and relationships happier. Please pursue your healing for the sake of your future, but also for those who you love the most.


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