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Weariness doesn’t come from having too much to do. Is 40:31 says that when we are full of the Spirit, we will run and not grow weary. It says we will walk and not get tired.  You don’t get weary from having too much to do, you get weary when you are weighed down. 

Imagine three boxers. The first fought ten fights and won them all. The second fought tens fights and lost them all. The third fought ten fights, won most but lost the one that meant the most. They all fought ten fights but they will not all have been weary.  

Fights use your energy but don’t make you weary. How you feel about the outcome of your fights makes you weary. Feeling like you failed, being let down, missing the mark, delays, not getting that job… These are things that may make you weary. 


You might think it’s normal to be tired but God does not want us to tolerate weariness. In Matthew 11:28, Jesus told us to do something about it. He said, “Come to Me, all who are weary & heavy-laden…” 

You might know that you’re tired. Alternatively, you may not realize how you really feel. Sometimes we can be energized in most areas but then we are weary in one. You could be upbeat about work and ministry but worn out with marriage. 

We need to know what’s going on inside so that we can deal with all weariness. Here are three signs that you feel spent:


When you look back at that event, or when you think about that one area of work or your marriage, you sigh. You may sigh inside or you could give a big exhale just at the thought.


If I were to ask you how that area of your life is going, you may answer with words such as these, “It’s been hard” or “It’s tough” or “I’ve had enough” or even, “Can we talk about something else?” Matt 12:34 says that out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. 


When we are weighed down in a certain area, when we look back at memories or events, we see the difficulty or strain. You may even want to look away from those sights. 

If you realize that you are weary in any area, you need to be restored and revived. Isaiah 40:31 (AMPC) reveals the core issue. It says, “Those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for & hope in Him] shall change & renew their strength & power; they shall lift their wings & mount up [close to God] as eagles [mount up to the sun]; they shall run & not be weary, they shall walk & not faint or become tired.” 

You could put that verse like this: Those who are full of God given hope and expectation will be strengthened. Hope and expectation generate energy. When we are weary, it is usually because our hope has been depleted. This is often as a result of disappointment. 


Before the year ends, ask the Lord to shine His light on any area where you are disheartened. Bring every disappointment to God in prayer.  30 Day Detox for your Soul has a day dedicated to helping you deal with this issue. Pour out your heart before Him. 

You will know when the job is done because you will be able to look back at the same memories with a fresh perspective. The sights that once caused you to turn away will instead speak to you of the goodness of God. If you want to be your best, allow the Lord to do a fresh work from the inside out at one of our new year events


  • Angel says:

    Thank you Jo for reminding me that we need to address every heart issue in each and every area of our lives from time to time. Ready to start 2020 with a fresh start

  • Odie says:

    I have clear memories of having a lot to do and still felt energetic and raring to go .However l did experience unusual tiredness and was relieved when at our prayer night we prayed for strength
    I needed to be reminded about the source of that strength and that weakness doesn’t necessarily come from having a lot do. Thank God for His light and truth and thank for such an impactful post x

  • Paula martinez says:

    Thanks jo I woke up this morning had a glass of orange juice went back to bed with Weariness. Lay in bed thinking about all the things I had to do today with weirdness . Got up read your message and thought I’m not weary I’m thankful to God for everything I have my legs are tired from standing in work all day that’s all . Thanks Jo definitely needed this word this morning. Up and out I go without my weirdness

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