Are You Insecure?

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All too often, we seem to have it all together but in reality we are falling apart. There is a woman in the Bible who was just like that.

The Shulamite is the leading lady in the story of the Song of Songs. She was probably the luckiest woman alive at the time being married to the most successful gentleman around. Not only was Solomon an exceptional king, he was also deeply in love with his wife.

Most girls swoon at the idea of having a hopeless romantic for a husband. Well Solomon took the biscuit! He seemed to be smitten with every square inch of her beautiful body.

Yes, my husband tells me I look lovely from time to time but he has never compared my teeth to sheep running down a mountain. That’s almost a ridiculous level of affection!

The Shulamite had every reason to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that her husband loved her. However, the reality is far from that.

Tell tale signs

In chapter 3 of Song of Solomon, we read about a night when the Shulamite’s husband was very late back from work.

Solomon was the king of all Israel so we can safely assume he had rather a lot on his plate.

However, at a time when women would not normally be seen alone outside, the Shulamite got out of bed in the middle of the night and searched the city for her husband.

This is not the behaviour of a secure person. Then when she found him, she would not let him go. The Shulamite was clingy too. She had it all on the outside but she had issues on the inside.

The real reason

In Song of Songs 1:6, we discover the reason for her insecurities:

“Do not look upon me because I am dark because the sun has burnt me. My mother’s sons were angry with me. They made me keeper of their vineyards but my own vineyard I have not kept.”

We don’t know why her brothers were full of anger but we do know that these childhood experiences scarred the Shulamite’s heart as well as her face.

We can have everything this life has to offer – love, family and success – but if our hearts have been wounded by hurtful experiences, it will spill out into the rest of our lives.

Success never mends hearts. Only God can do that. I encourage you at the start of this year to prioritise your heart.

Allow the Lord to heal hidden hurts that you did not even realise were holding you back. The Shulamite was healed in the arms of her king. You and I can experience that same transformation.

If you want to be free from the pain of the past, I encourage you get our books. Lifting the Mask is based on the story of the Shulamite and will help take you on a healing journey. Also, come to a Healed for Life event and let God do a life-changing work in your heart.

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