Can You Read Your Reactions?

By 14th July 2018 Uncategorised

It is amazing how much we can discover about ourselves by reviewing our reactions. Luke 6:45 says, “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Our spoken and silent responses to circumstances reveal what’s inside inside our hearts.

How do you answer when someone points out your shortcomings? How do you feel when you are forgotten but your friend is favored? What is your response when your boss asks to see you? What is your first thought when your children’s school calls?


Sometimes we think that we are sorted but our reactions tell a different story. Our hearts determine the course of our lives. Let us therefore embrace every opportunity to be changed from the inside you.

I encourage you to take your reactions as prayer points. Let me explain by reminding you of Rebekah’s Request. Isaac and his wife had been believing for children for twenty years so when they realised they were expecting, they must have been delighted. 

At some point in the pregnancy, things started to feel strange. We don’t know if Rebekah was in pain or just churning. Something did not feel right inside so she prayed a powerful prayer: “If all is well then why am I like this?” (Genesis 25:22b). 

If all is well…

We can pray that way too. If All is well, then why does my heart jump when certain people call? If All is well, then why do I feel attacked when my boss feeds back my mistakes. If all is well, then why do I expect the worst when my supervisor asks to see me?

Let your reactions direct your prayers. When you ask, our faithful God will answer. The Holy Spirit will shine His light into the depths of your heart and reveal the reasons for your reactions (Proverbs 20:27). 

When He reveals, you will probably experience emotions that you did not know were locked down inside. Talk to the Lord about what He reveals, tell Him if it hurts.  As you do, He will heal and He will deliver.


It is amazing how much freedom we can receive. Not only will God deal with buried, unresolved memories, He will also bring new security peace. Once He deals with the root, you won’t react the way you once did.

Our reactions are a great indicator of what God still wants to do inside. My mandate is to encourage you to stay on your healing journey. Don’t stop until you reach your destination. Get hold of our books and keep coming to our events until you’re really free. Please share if you identify! 

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