Ever Been Between A Rock And A Hard Place?

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A couple of weeks ago, I asked the Lord to give me His word concerning an event I was running. Following the leading of the Spirit, I had stuck my neck out to rent a venue but bookings weren’t coming in the way I wanted.

Let me explain what I mean by “the way I wanted”. Very often we know exactly how we want God to answer our prayers. If we’re believing for a promotion, we probably have a perfectly crafted plan for how God will bring about His purposes.

It’s not just that we want God to answer our prayers, very often, we want Him to answer them in a way that demands limited bravery.

Between a rock and a hard place

Think about Moses. He had to lead the whole nation of Israel out of Egypt. He could see the sea ahead of him and soldiers catching up behind him.

It’s not like Moses needed more challenge in his life. He already had a massive job to do without having the added pressure of getting two million people across the ocean alive!

I’m sure Moses would have loved it if God had gone ahead and built a giant bridge across the sea. What a wonderful welcome that would have been! Instead, Moses was facing an impossible, frightening situation.

His ways are higher

But God had a plan. A plan that would stretch Moses, and at the same time, demonstrate His miracle working power for all to see. Never before in history had a sea been separated. God did the impossible, parted the ocean and Moses led the multitudes through water on dry land.

So when I asked God for His word, I wanted Him to tell me that a flood of bookings would come in within 24 hours. Instead, He reminded me of a scripture and said:

“Having done all to stand, stand therefore”  Eph 6:13-14

It doesn’t say having done all to stand, sweat. It doesn’t say, having done all to stand, stress out. It says, having done all to stand, stand therefore.

This verse suggests that God wants us to refuse worry, to reject doubt and instead to stand strong in full assurance of the faithfulness of God. The following three acts of war will help us stand:

1. Trust

It is when we are facing testing circumstances that we get the chance to practice trust. Remember God’s goodness to you in times gone by and choose to believe He will do it again.

2. Kick out discouragement

Discouragement is one the the devil’s most trusted weapons to paralyse God’s people. We need to learn to rise up and kick out discouragement. It has no right to steal your promises.

3. Speak the truth

We must learn to speak the truth to ourselves. Just like David and Deborah did in times of trouble. Remind yourself of what God’s word says and stand strong.

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