Help! It’s Nearly Here…

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The Holy Spirit recently showed me a punishing pattern in my life. Every time I was hosting an event, I would spin into a spiral when I reached a particular pressure point.

For me, the pressure point would be when the date started looming, the tickets were not yet sold but the binding contract had been signed. Fears would gather like storm clouds and send me into a spin.

My spin

First I would panic: “Oh no, the event is round the corner! What if no-one comes? What if I can’t pay the bills? What if it all goes horribly wrong? Ahhh!”

Then I would slope into self-pity: “It’s not fair. It’s all on my head if the bills aren’t paid. It’s fine for everyone else, they get to enjoy the journey but the buck stops with me.”

Next I would, put out an urgent call to prayer: “Everyone pray, we are up against it. This is God’s ministry so He has to come through. Call in the people and call in the finances!”

Finally, I would remind myself of God’s promises and reach a place of peace. Of course the event would be awesome. God would transform lives and I would rejoice.

But why?

But what a crazy way to live. The Bible says that nothing is too difficult for God. So why would I allow myself to go into such spirals?

The Lord revealed this to me just as I was looking at events looming on the horizon. I repented for my habitual unbelief and instead immediately applied faith to the challenges ahead. Of course God is able and of course God is always faithful.

Proverbs 3:5 says: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Trust is a choice, we can decide to rely on Him.

What makes you panic?

For you, it may be patterns of panic around bills, or sickness or relationships. We cannot be in faith when we are full of fear. We have to refuse fear and then pray in faith. We have to resist panic and choose to trust.

When my son was seven, he was hit by a car. I was at a conference when I got the call. His childminder told me that the emergency services were on the scene but that he was ok. However, the moment I heard the news, I began to panic.

In a state of alarm, I rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, I was able to bring my son home that night. When I reflected on the incident, I realised that my first response was fear not faith. I did not trust God in the heat of the moment.

A better way

About six months later, my son was with a friend and his family on a day trip. Believe it or not, he was hit by a car again. When his friend’s mother called me, she was in a state of shock. This time I chose in the moment to trust. I calmed the lady down as I reassured her that my boy would be fine.

I learned two lessons that day. One, I need to teach my son to cross the road safely! (He was a pro within days). Two, we can choose to trust in any situation. Panic tries to come like an overwhelming wave but we can allow it to crash to the ground around us.

A choice

I encourage you to identify areas where you have a propensity to panic and choose to trust. You can pave the way for a new response of faith. Your peace will remain in tact and you will see the goodness of God.

Faith grows in our hearts. The more we are healed of life’s trials and traumas, the easier it is to trust. Come along to Healed for Life – whether this is your first time or your fourth time, God will bring freedom to help you believe Him and freedom so you can fulfil your purpose.

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