I Better Watch It!

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My husband and I have a host of procedures around our house to ensure it is protected. When we go out, we leave lights on. All doors have at least two locks and bolts.

Keen motorists hand-wash their cars and polish the hood. They examine the paintwork for the smallest scratch and pay parking attendants to watch the vehicle while they are in appointments.

Enlightened husbands and wives guard their marriages, setting aside time to protect and improve their relationships. Good pastors watch over their people, strengthen the weak and help the hurting whilst listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

What do you guard?

What do you watch over? Perhaps it’s your children’s relationships or your teenagers’ education. Maybe it’s your career – you’re never late for an appointment, you never miss a deadline and you always reach the office before your boss.

Perhaps you watch your weight – counting calories and working out. Or you watch over your wardrobe, storing shoes in their boxes and favourite outfits in the dry-cleaner’s cellophane wrapping.

Number 1

God says that above every possession or talent, and above every relationship or responsibility, we must guard our hearts. We must keep an eagle eye on the state of our souls:

“Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23 (Amplified)

This morning I asked the Lord what I should I be doing right now to guard my heart. I was expecting an encounter with the Spirit of God. Instead, my mind immediately went to an unfinished chore in the back yard…

The spotlight

About a week ago when the sun was shining, I took out some garden chairs. Then, Britain being Britain, the sun went away and I didn’t put them back under the protective cover.

My husband asked me to put it right. So I did a half baked job, if you know what I mean? Well, surely that’s a man’s job?

So there I was in my precious prayer closet and God brought that right back! I got up off the floor, wrapped up (it’s still cold here and it’s May!) and went outside to sort out the chairs… properly!

The p word

Why on earth didn’t I do it right first time? My guess is pride. I didn’t like the fact that my husband asked me to do it. I didn’t even own up to the fact that I was the one who had left them in a mess. I didn’t lie but I didn’t tell the truth either.

No wonder God warns us to watch our hearts like a hawk. Psalm 64:6 says that the inner thought and heart of man are deep. Jeremiah 17:9 says our hearts have a propensity for deception.

I had no idea that arrogance was lurking in the shadowy corners of my heart. I was involved in a cover up of the worst kind: pride.

So what did God mean by revealing this issue when I asked Him how I should guard my heart. He was telling me that I must be constantly seeking to behave like a servant. Servants do what they are told, when they are told. That’s humility.

Give it a try…

Why not ask God what He wants you to do today to guard your heart. Remember, our hearts determine the course of our lives (Pr 4:23 NLT) so it’s worth investing everything in your inner well-being.

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