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A couple of years ago, I was at the airport ready to fly back to London after ministering at a major women’s conference in the Middle East.

As I was standing in line at the airport check-in desk, a member of staff became agitated and started to shout at one of his colleagues.  I had never before seen such an inappropriate outburst in front of customers.

The manager tried her best to calm the situation but it took quite some time for the man to stop yelling. Of course, the antics resulted in unnecessary delays and lots of complaints. 


It’s My Turn

I was tired and wanted to get home. By the time I reached the front of the line, the manager looked anxious.  It was my turn to vocalize my frustration. At last I would be able to give the supervisor a piece of my mind.  

However, I knew I had to be kind. When the lady in charge apologized nervously, I smiled warmly and told her she was doing a wonderful job. She beamed back at me and responded: “Thank you Pastor Jo. I watched the service last night on TV and received so much!” 


A Close Shave!

I gulped. My flesh had wanted to give her a piece of my mind! What impression would she have had of the ministry if I had been rude or harsh? I walked away feeling very relieved.

We always have a choice. We can be indignant about our rights or we can show mercy. We learn from the famous passage in 1 Corinthians 13 that the first two attributes of love are patience and kindness. 

When we choose to be kind, we are walking in love. When we are patient with people, we are demonstrating God’s nature. 


The Strength Sapper 

Although judgement feels good to the flesh, it saps our strength and makes us irritated and agitated. Mercy, in contrast, protects our peace, produces joy and releases energy.

The Bible says that when we judge others, we open the door to being judged ourselves: Do not judge or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Matthew 7:1-2

There are not many occasions in scripture when God says that if we withhold something, He will too. For example, the Bible says that when we are faithless, He remains faithful. 


Acting As Judge

However, something about setting ourselves up as a critic of a fellow human being repels God. Perhaps it’s because our Heavenly Father has delegated judgement to Jesus, not to you and me. 

It is clear, if we judge, we will be judged in return. I depend on the mercy of God. I need His mercy to cover my many mistakes and His favor to shine on me despite my shortcomings. 

I covet the generosity of heart and goodwill of my family and friends. When I fail or slip up (as I often do) I seek their understanding and forgiveness. 

I need my husband to let me off when I get a parking fine. I want my children to show mercy when Im short-tempered. I look to my team to be gracious when I get things wrong. 


Practice Makes Perfect

To receive mercy, we need to show mercy to other people. The more we work at something, the better we become. Why not make a decision today to practice mercy? You will be setting yourself up to receive it just when you need it most.

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Hace un par de años, estaba en el aeropuerto lista para volar de regreso a Londres después de ministrar en una importante conferencia de mujeres en el Medio Oriente.

Mientras hacía cola en el mostrador de facturación del aeropuerto, un miembro del personal se puso nervioso y empezó a gritarle a uno de sus compañeros.  Nunca antes había visto un arrebato tan inapropiado frente a los clientes.

El gerente hizo todo lo posible para calmar la situación, pero el hombre tardó bastante en dejar de gritar.  Por supuesto, las payasadas provocaron retrasos innecesarios y muchas quejas.


Es Mi Turno

Estaba cansada y quería llegar a casa.  Cuando llegué al principio de la fila, el gerente parecía ansioso.  Era mi turno de expresar mi frustración.  Por fin podría decirle al supervisor lo que pienso.

Sin embargo, sabía que tenía que ser amable.  Cuando la señora a cargo se disculpó nerviosamente, sonreí cálidamente y le dije que estaba haciendo un trabajo maravilloso.  Ella me sonrió y respondió: “Gracias Pastor Jo.  ¡Vi el servicio anoche en la televisión y recibí mucho!”


¡Eso Estuvo Cerca!

Tragué saliva.  ¡Mi carne había querido decirle lo que pensaba!  ¿Qué impresión habría tenido ella del ministerio si yo hubiera sido grosera o dura?  Me alejé sintiéndome muy aliviada. 

Siempre tenemos una opción.  Podemos indignarnos por nuestros derechos o podemos mostrar misericordia.  Aprendemos del famoso pasaje de 1 Corintios 13 que los dos primeros atributos del amor son la paciencia y la bondad.

Cuando elegimos ser amables, caminamos en amor.  Cuando somos pacientes con las personas, estamos demostrando la naturaleza de Dios.


El Zapador De Fuerza

Aunque el juicio se sienta bien a la carne, mina nuestras fuerzas y nos irrita y agita.  La misericordia, en cambio, protege nuestra paz, produce alegría y libera energía.

La Biblia dice que cuando juzgamos a los demás, abrimos la puerta a ser juzgados nosotros mismos: “No juzguéis o vosotros también seréis juzgados.  Porque de la misma manera que juzguéis a los demás, seréis juzgados y con la medida que uséis, os será medido”.  Mateo 7:1-2

No hay muchas ocasiones en las Escrituras en las que Dios dice que si nosotros retenemos algo, Él también lo hará.  Por ejemplo, la Biblia dice que cuando somos infieles, Él permanece fiel.


Actuar Como Juez

Sin embargo, hay algo en mostrarnos críticos con un prójimo que repele a Dios.  Quizás sea porque nuestro Padre Celestial ha delegado el juicio en Jesús, no en ti y en mí.

Está claro que si juzgamos, seremos juzgados a cambio.  Dependo de la misericordia de Dios.  Necesito Su misericordia de él para cubrir mis muchos errores y Su favor de él para brillar sobre mí a pesar de mis defectos.

Codicio la generosidad de corazón y la buena voluntad de mi familia y amigos.  Cuando fallo o cometo un error (como hago a menudo), busco su comprensión y perdón.

Necesito que mi marido me deje salir cuando me pongan una multa de aparcamiento.  Quiero que mis hijos sean misericordiosos cuando estoy de mal genio.  Espero que mi equipo sea gracioso cuando hago las cosas mal.


La Práctica Hace La Perfección

Para recibir misericordia, debemos mostrar misericordia a otras personas.  Cuanto más trabajamos en algo, mejores nos volvemos.  ¿Por qué no tomar hoy la decisión de practicar la misericordia?  Se preparará para recibirlo justo cuando más lo necesite.

Si usted, o personas que conoce, ha experimentado el dolor de dejar su país de origen y mudarse a otro país, nuestro próximo curso de Heart Academy (Español:  La Academia del Corazón) le brindará sanidad y nueva confianza.  El cuezo El Dolor de la Inmigración comienza el 15 de febrero.


  • Andrena Hunter says:

    As hard as it is at times and being human, it can be very hard to keep your head when all around you are loosing theirs.
    Thank you pastor Jo for showing us a great example of this. Giving support and showing love and not your frustration. In doing that the poor young lady was actually some who knew you and was blessed by your message.
    I know that if I’m tired I could lose my head too. But I have had many years on my own and I just take life as it comes, meaning I have learnt that I have all the time in the world, so be kind and understanding, because you never know what someone s going through.
    Thank you for this excellent response from yourself, that God wants us to be kind, show mercy.

  • Iona Graham-Watson says:

    Very apposite – Thank you Jo! It’s in the same vein of what the Lord has been saying yesterday and today. I needed to speak to Virgin Media / 02 yesterday, and while waiting on the line for the 02 person to deal with my request, I found myself saying “Thank You Lord for the help this person is going to give.” I have had difficulties with VM / 02 in recent months, so this was quite surprising to me. However, between what he said, and what I found, my question was resolved. Praise God. This morning, ringing Thames Water (who never followed up an earlier call to them), the Lord told me not to rehearse past difficulties, it’s not His way. (I suppose if there’s a value in factually saying what happened, that may be ok, but not if it’s a grouse.)

    • Radha Sarkar says:

      Loved it pastor Jo. The statement I love.when we judge others,we open the door to be judged.Also l like it the way tried to show the need of mercy from our family,other than the people with whom we come across our lives..we know the word “mercy.” How many time we heard this word,but , when the situation comes we for get about it.Thank you for reminding it again. And try to put it in practice by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. As I know if I have the desire also I need His grace. It is not my ability it is His ability in me.

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