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Hebrews 11:3 says that, “The worlds were framed by the word of God.” Think about that for a moment. All of nature was formed by words. Mountains, rivers, woods and oceans were all made as God spoke.

The Bible tells us that we were made just like Him, in His image. God said to us, “You will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you.” (Job 22:28).

The Lord wants us to use our words to bring life and health. When we combine our faith with our declarations, something happens. As long as we are decreeing the word of God, He will bring it to pass.


It doesn’t stop there though. There is an important principle called persistence. Matthew 7:7 says, “Keep on asking and it will be given you; keep on seeking and you will find… For everyone who keeps on asking receives; and he who keeps on seeking finds…” (Amp)

God wants us to pray and keep on praying. In the same way, He wants us to declare and keep on declaring. Don’t stop just because you have not yet seen the results.

There is a sell by date on most food we buy. However, God’s promises do not have a “Do by” date! It is up to the Lord to decide when. We must keep on declaring knowing that He who promised is faithful.

Sick and Pining

Naomi, whose story is told in the book of Ruth, had two sons. Sadly, they both died prematurely. Recently, I examined her sons’ names and was astonished to discover their meanings.

One was called Mahlon which means sick. The other was Chilion which means pining. Ruth must have said their names thousands of times. Every time she called her sons, she was making negative declarations over their lives.

It is therefore very sad, but not surprising to me, that they both died. Notice that they didn’t die immediately, but over time. After very many declarations, her wounding words eventually worked.

Keep on

Imagine the power of our persistent pronouncements which are in line with God’s will! Let’s be encouraged to keep on declaring the goodness of God over our lives, families, ministries and communities.

Don’t be discouraged by the devil’s lies. Delay is not denial. God’s word will never return to Him void. It will succeed. (Is 55:11). Declare God’s promises and know that He is faithful and well able.

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