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Have you ever felt like everything is just too much? You may have been working tirelessly towards your goals will little or nothing to show while the size of the mountain still to climb towers above you.

Perhaps life has been hitting you with a different trial at every turn: family challenges, financial trouble, ministry problems, health worries, it goes on and on.

That’s what king David called overwhelm. The dictionary definition is overpowered or overcome by something stronger. When floodwaters overwhelm a village, they invade, they cover and they bring destruction.

When it’s all too much

It’s horrible to be overwhelmed. It makes us feel like quitting, like giving up on our goals and surrendering to defeat. We reach the point when it seems like it’s all too much and we can’t carry on.

David cried out to God that he felt overwhelmed. That tells me that even the strongest of leaders contend with this. So what do we do about it? It’s clear we need to escape the torrent of discouragement it brings – and we need to get out quickly.

In Psalm 61:2, David prayed, “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” I want to share 3 steps to overcoming overwhelm. You may not need these now, but chances are, you’ll need them some day soon.

1. God is bigger

You need to know that God is bigger than the things that are bigger than you.  He can handle the things that we can’t. He has got this, and He has got you. He is your Rock. That means He is stable, unwavering, immovable and safe.

2. He won’t fail

Recently I was feeling awfully overwhelmed. I’d been working harder than ever to see Healed for Life established and yet kept facing soul-destroying setbacks. Although we had made amazing progress, all I was aware of was the size of the assignment. I was discouraged, disheartened and disappointed.

I brought my bewilderment to the Lord in prayer. I told Him how I was feeling and asked for His help. I was moved to tears by the words I heard: “I will not fail you.”

I want you to hear those words too. Your Lord, your Heavenly Father will not fail you. His ways are not our ways (which can make life extra painful while we wait) but His promises are still yes and amen. Psalm 25:3 says, “No-one who trusts in You shall ever be disgraced.” Keep trusting. He will not let you down.

3. Give up!

Anytime overwhelm has overcome our hearts or minds, we are carrying a whole host of cares. I Peter 5:7 in the Amplified says: “Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.”

It’s time to give every concern, every angst, every worry, every fear to God in prayer. See yourself giving over every issue, one by one, to the Lord. When we hold onto a problem, we have to solve it. When we give it to God, He has to take care of it. I know whose hands I would rather trust!

If you would like the Holy Spirit to rejuvenate you from the inside out so that you can be your very best, read our books and come to Healed for Life, you will be amazed at the depth of restoration & refreshing you will receive.


  • Daphne says:

    Dear Jo
    I’ve just started reading your blog & am so encouraged. I hope to cone to Healed for Life in April.

    I live in France & have found the life of Christ in the church disappointing & have realized just last week that I’m in mourning, grieving the loss of the “charismatic” experience & the presence of the Holy Spirit. in the churches here.

    After prayer with a friend I’ve received peace and am trusting him again in learning to adapt to “desert conditions”.

    Bless you

    • Jo Naughton says:

      I am so glad that my blog has been an encouragement to you. It would be wonderful to see you next April. I pray God refreshes you even where you are and gives you wisdom. God bless you

  • Lilian says:

    Dear Pastor Jo thanks for reminding us, we tend to forget who is on our side, this gives me hope for the future, may your family be blessed and my all your desires be fulfilled.

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