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I struggled with insecurity for years. Although I was in ministry & had a successful career, I craved approval. Job titles in church & work gave me a sense of validation. I felt terrible if I was mocked & hated being wrong.

Insecurity is common but it’s crippling. When we are insecure, we feel unsafe (even just for a moment) so we reach out to grab something to make us stable. It might be a complement, reassurance or even respect.

The Bible says that the heart is deceitful. That means it can & does lie. The person my heart lies to most of all is me. We think we are fine when really we have issues. Even God has to search to find what’s inside! (Jer 17:9-10)

Here are 6 signs you struggle with insecurity:

  1. You push back when people point out your shortcomings 
  2. You want people to know your position (or you try to hide it)
  3. You feel inferior around successful people 
  4. You dislike being the butt of jokes, or being wrong
  5. You hate being misunderstood 
  6. You feel hurt if you get left out


God chose Saul to be the Israel’s first king & sent Samuel to tell him. But listen to Saul’s reaction: “I’m only from the tribe of Benjamin, the smallest tribe in Israel, & my family is the least important of all the families of that tribe! Why are you talking like this to me?” 1 Sam 9:21.

Despite being tall & looking like a natural leader, something about his background made Saul feel inadequate. He even hid on the day of his coronation. Insecurity makes us feel like we don’t qualify.

Instead of asking God to heal his heart, Saul filled his void with human approval. Saul made most of his bad decisions when he was trying to please people. In the end, I believe insecurity cost him his destiny.


Insecurity is only a fruit. It is the result of hidden hurts that make us doubt our worth. If people told you in childhood that you would stupid or slow, in adult life you may crave success to prove your value. 

If you were only affirmed when you achieved as a child, it will tell you that you are only as good as your latest success. That makes us insecure about our worth when we don’t have anything to show for ourselves.


There are a myriad of hidden hurts that can cause insecurity. If you know that you react to any of the 6 signs above or others, please ask the Lord to reveal and heal the underlying hurt.

When our hearts are healed, it is much easier to believe what the Bible says, that we “are fearfully and wonderfully made” (Ps 139:14). When the roots  of pain are healed, the fruits of insecurity drop off.

My new course Dreamstealers Online will help you discover why you are the way you are. It covers 7 common problems with our hearts and leads us on a journey of healing & freedom. It covers insecurity, jealousy, anger and other universal heart issues. It will bring you more security and peace. 

He luchado con inseguridad por años. Aunque yo he estado en el ministerio y con una carrera muy exitosa, yo apetecía aprobación. Títulos en la iglesia y en el trabajo que me daba sentido de validación. Me sentía muy mal si se burlaban de mi y odiaba equivocarme.

Inseguridad es común pero te inhabilita. Cuando somos inseguros, sientes inseguridad ( por un momento) así que nos estiramos para alcanzar algo que nos de estabilidad. Puede ser un cumplido, consuelo o inclusive respeto. 

La Biblia dice que el corazón es engañoso. Esto significa que puede engañar y te miente. La persona a la que mi corazón le miente más, es a mi misma. Pensamos que estamos bien pero tenemos problemas. Hasta Dios tiene que escudriñarlo (Jeremías 17:9-10)


  1. Tu rechazas cuando te resaltan tus desaciertos.
  2. Tu quieres que la gente conozca tu posición (o lo escondes).
  3. Te sientes inferior al rededor de personas exitosas. 
  4. Te desagrada ser el centro de un chiste o el equivocarte.
  5. Tu odias ser mal entendido,
  6. Te sientes herido cuando no te toman en cuenta.


Dios escogió a Saúl para ser el primer rey de Israel y envió a Samuel a informarle. Escucha la reacción de Saúl. “Saúl respondió y dijo: ¿No soy yo hijo de Benjamín, de la más pequeña de las tribus de Israel? Y mi familia ¿no es la más pequeña de todas las familias de la tribu de Benjamín? ¿Por qué, pues, me has dicho cosa semejante?” 1 Samuel 

Además de ser alto y lucir como un líder, algo del trasfondo de Saúl lo hacía sentir inadecuado. El se escondió el día de la coronación. La inseguridad te hace sentir que no calificas. 

En lugar de pedirle a Dios que sanara su corazón, Saúl lleno el vacío con la aprobación humana. La mayoría de los errores de Saúl fueron cuando el trataba de buscar la aprobación de la gente. Al final , yo creo que la inseguridad le costó su destino. 


La inseguridad es un fruto. Es el resultado de heridas escondidas que nos hacen dudar nuestro valor. Si en la niñez te dijeron que eras estupido o tonto, en tu edad adulto desearas la afirmación para sentir valor. 

Si solo recibías afirmación cuando lograbas cosas en tu niñez, entonces sentirás valor desde tu último éxito. Esto nos hace sentir inseguros en referencia de nuestro valor porque no tenemos nada de mostrar.


Hay innumerables heridas escondidas que causan inseguridad. Si te identificaste con alguno de los 6 síntomas mencionados anteriormente u otro síntoma, pídele a Dios que sane tu corazón y te revelo las heridas ocultas.

Cuando nuestro corazón es sano, es más fácil creer en lo que la palabra dice: “… formidables, maravillosas son tus obras…”Salmos 

Nuestro nuevo curso en linea “ ladron de destino” te va ayudar a descubrir porque eres de la manera que eres. Cubre 7 niveles de problemas comunes del corazón que te guían a caminar en sanidad y Libertad. Cubre la inseguridad, celos , enojos y otros problemas universales del corazón. Te dará más seguridad y paz. 


  • Kimberly Alonzo says:

    I struggle with all of these, and I know it. I have moments where I feel like I am strong secure and confident, but usually fall back into the same rut. I think it’s rooted in my parents rejection of me… I am praying that God heals my heart.

    • admin says:

      I am praying for you. I highly recommend My new online course: it will help bring you wonderful healing.

  • Sharon Mackenzie says:

    What fab piece of wisdom…will look at the Dreamstealers I have the book! xx

    • admin says:

      Wonderful! You would love the online course – it goes much deeper with ministry at the end of each session. Bless you!

  • Sharon Mackenzie says:

    You push back when people point out your shortcomings
    You want people to know your position (or you try to hide it)
    You feel inferior around successful people
    You dislike being the butt of jokes, or being wrong
    You hate being misunderstood
    You feel hurt if you get left out

    I can honestly say that I feel these emotions/thoughts less and less because when you draw near to god there are no room for these lies to carry on living in your mind – lets keep believing for a renewed mind on a daily basis….no doubt Healing is life-long and ongoing?

    • admin says:

      Amen and amen! Healing changes our responses. It’s definitely a journey but the change as we go is so liberating.

  • Christine says:

    I agree sorry lost my last writing
    I am aware of these things and completely agee letting God in to heal
    What I don’t agree with is saying it’s ok to someone who constantly puts you down I had become bitter because I was constantly beating myself up that I had to keep allowing that into my life saying no at times has to be done and it’s not always easy to sort things through if the other person’s n has issues too but learning after reading Townsend and McCloud counselors that we have to have healthy boundaries both with our selves God and others and for me to make an excuse for myself or others that are causing humiliation and Shane I do not agree with that at all we are meant to be growing in gentleness kindness patience but it does not mean we have to be door mats as that causes bitterness so I agree with you taking it to god choosing not to take revenge and constructive critisim.edifies dose not pull down destroy do again learning without being unkind sometimes you have to step back and let go
    I don’t agree with putting yourself constantly back in
    A place were you love to your own determent I do agree we are to come to a place where we forgive and behave with dignity to ourselves god others but I also think we need to be truthful in saying this is ok and making excuses for ourselves or others I think dose not leave room to be really truthfully we are called to talk to each other in truth and understand that not all relationships will be reconciled but we can choose to forgive to heal us and move on thank you for me that’s a reality I’ve had to learn and it’s hard at times otherwise I feel I am lying to myself
    Thanks jo on a journey like many healing from hurts and thanking God for showing me what’s healthy mentally bless you xxccc

    • admin says:

      Christine I missed this last week, so sorry for not replying. You know something beautiful, the more we are healed, the more we love who God has made us to be, the less people feel they can put us down and the easier it becomes to be lovingly assertive. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

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