By 26th May 2018 Jo Naughton

After restoring the temple to its former glory, leading the people of Israel back to the Lord, after loving and honouring God all his days, King Josiah cut his life short. 

He was a wonderful leader with a great heart, but he was stubborn. The King of Eqypt attacked a neighbouring province and Josiah insisted on fighting with his neighbour against Egypt.  

The King of Egypt told him to relent but Josiah would not listen: “Nevertheless Josiah would not turn his face from him… and did not heed the words of Necho from the mouth of God.” 2 Chronicles 35:22

Sad end

Josiah died aged 39 in a battle that God did not want him to fight.  There are some battles that your flesh might like to fight but if God is not leading you, it could be a distraction from God’s purposes. 

Josiah’s destiny was cut short because he wouldn’t listen when God was speaking through an unlikely channel.  The entire nation suffered the loss of a great leader as a result of Josiah’s strong self-will.  

I’ve been there…

A few years ago, I ministered monthly at a cross-denominational women’s group. It was growing and lives were being changed. The lady running it asked me to take over. 

I loved the meetings and we’d seen great fruit so I accepted with delight. I shared with a close friend who said she was not convinced that God was leading me. 

I argued with her and gave all sorts of reasons why I was right to take the helm. In the end, the convicting power of God arrested me and I relented. 

I wanted to lead but God hadn’t instructed me. In fact, He was quiet on the issue, wondering why I was running around organising something that He hadn’t asked me to plan. It’s easy to think we’re right because we want to be right.


Stubborn means to be fixed or set in purpose or opinion; to be resolute; hard or tough. It also means to be difficult to shape or mould, like stone or wood. 

Remember that Josiah thought that he was right because it felt right.  He wanted to fight, after all, God had backed him in many past battles and given him great victories.  

Just because you have a desire to do something does not mean that it’s the right thing to do. Josiah didn’t want to listen to the voice of God because He was speaking through an enemy of Israel. He didn’t want to hear because he wanted his own way.

The antidote

We need to make a conscious effort to listen to the Holy Spirit through other people.  We need to be humble enough to hear wisdom irrespective of who she chooses to speak through. We need to be willing to question our own opinions.

People with the propensity to be stubborn have the potential to become power-houses in the hands of God. Holdfast your determination, but become quick to listen. Remain tenacious, but stop arguing. God will take that strong will and use it for His glory.

Your heart determines the course of your life. If you want God to do a wonderful work on the inside so that you can become your best, get hold of my book, Doorway to your Destiny and come along to our next event near you. 

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