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The human heart is vast. Imagine an enormous storage vault filled with filing cabinets. Picture rows of drawers, all packed with files containing infinite numbers of folders.

Contained within each binder is a memory, an imagination, or an emotion. Now see the door to that vault. It could be closed. Perhaps there is a ‘no entry’ sign hanging in the window. It may be ajar. It might be wide open.

That is what our hearts are like. Psalm 64:6b in the Amplified says: “… For the inward thought of each one [is unsearchable] and his heart is deep.” This might not matter, but it does.

Proverbs 4:23 explains: “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” (New Living Translation). It matters because your vast inner vault decides your destiny.

Out of nowhere

Have you ever been reminded of an event that you had completely forgotten? Maybe the remarks of family or friends dug up a vivid picture that you hadn’t seen for decades.

Perhaps a smell or sight took you straight back to a scene which you had long forgotten. Imagine what else is hidden. Our hearts are extensive. There are countless memories, thoughts and feelings hidden inside.

It’s not just old memories that get buried. We often detach ourselves from unwanted emotional reactions. Something happens that makes you crumple. Perhaps it is a put-down at work or a stupid mistake. You feel squashed or ashamed.


These kinds of feelings are usually desperately unpleasant so instead of facing how you feel, you deny the damage and pretend you are unaffected. And another unexpressed emotion sinks to the bottom of your soul.

The result? Your heart is home to a whole host of hidden or forgotten memories which could revisit you at any time. And that same heart determines the course of your life.

Filing feelings

Many of us unwittingly categorize our memories. Some recollections are painful, while others are intensely uncomfortable or shameful. Certain old images, although unwanted, may be tolerable. Others could be completely out of bounds.

Spring clean

God wants to shine His light into your heart and heal hidden hurts that have sunk to the bottom of your soul. He wants to remove invisible burdens that have been weighing you down. The more we allow Him to do, the freer our lives will feel.

We have two Healed for Life conferences in the next few weeks. I encourage you to come along and allow God to do more than you could ask or imagine. If you can’t come, get hold of my new book My Whole Heart. This blog is based on an excerpt.

David’s prayer

Let’s not wait for unwanted memories to surface themselves. Let’s join the psalmist in asking the Holy Spirit to shine His light into our hearts and reveal so He can heal: “Search me [thoroughly], O God, and know my heart. Try me and know my thoughts…” (Psalms 139:23 Amplified).

I encourage you to respond with courage to the memories the Holy Spirit brings to your mind. Pour out any pain in prayer and ask Him to heal your heart. When you get used to allowing the Lord to spotlight hidden hurts, it will become natural. He reveals and then He heals.

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