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What will my co-workers say? Will my parents approve? What if I upset that leader? Why did I say that!? I can’t stand being misunderstood. I’m sure I made a bad impression.

These were the sorts of tormenting thoughts that used to fly around my mind all the time. I couldn’t handle it if I thought that I had upset someone important. It’s called fear of man.


I could count on one hand the people I know who don’t care what others think, but my husband is one of them. He values those God has placed in his life, yet he doesn’t care if his choices or views offend others.  

That sounds great but it was a huge problem for me! I cared too much what others thought. As a result, I had to watch what I said AND I had to cover up for what he said! 

Christian conferences were so stressful because the opinions of pastors were really important to me. I would be exhausted after trying to cover his tracks (and mine) for several days!  

It wasn’t just preachers I wanted to please. If I was with successful friends, I wouldn’t be much better. As nervous energy built up, my arms would go flying – knocking people’s drinks over as I told exaggerated stories. 


I would go home after dinner parties worrying about what I’d said and how I’d said it. I’d be concerned that I’d talked too much or been too loud. I would wish I wasn’t so noisy and often purpose to be quiet in future. 

Then there were the people who I looked to for approval. If I was part of a discussion at work or church, I would be conscious of what certain people thought. As a thermometer registers temperature, I would unknowingly monitor the reactions of key individuals.


Prov 29:25 says “Fearing people is a dangerous trap…” Fear covers a spectrum of emotions. Worrying what people think, nerves around certain individuals, concern about reactions, dread, or outright panic around people are all a dangerous trap.

When we are trapped, we are pinned down and constrained. We can’t relax and be ourselves for fear that we will project the wrong image, give a bad impression or upset someone. 


This heart issue affects the vast majority of us (Pr 29:26). If we only deal with our habits, we will struggle to get free. When we allow the Lord to heal the underlying issues that made us that way, it is much easier to be liberated. 

Truth is the starting point of transformation. If you realize you worry about the opinions of others, tell the Lord and ask Him to take you on a journey to freedom. Next time you’re tempted to look to someone for reassurance, move your gaze straight to God. 

My new course DREAMSTEALERS ONLINE deals with this issue in detail. I know it will bring you healing and freedom. It launches this Monday but YOU CAN GET IT TODAY at a special lockdown launch price. I also deal with 6 other common heart issues that delay or destroy destinies. Download it and join me on a new journey to lasting transformation.

Puedo contar con los dedos de mi mano las personas que conozco que no les importa lo que otros piensan de ellos, mi esposo es uno de ellos. El valora la amistad de aquellos que Dios ha puesto en su vida. Sin embargo, a el no le importa si su opinión o manera de ver las cosas ofenda o difiera de otros.

El respeta a los que están en autoridad y no les responde mal. Pero, el felizmente le cuenta su punto de vista si le preguntan su opinión. El realmente no le importa lo que otros piensan.


Suena bien pero era un problema para mi! Me importaba demasiado lo que otros pensaban de mi, como consecuencia, tenía que vigilar lo que hacía y decía y cubrir lo que el decía. 

Conferencias cristianas eran muy duras porque la opinión de pastores era particularmente importante para mí. El se sentía exhausto después de 2 días de lidiar con una esposa irritada que estaba estresada de cubrir todas sus huellas todo el día. 

No era solo a los predicadores que quería impresionar. Si estaba con amigos o parientes exitosos, yo no me comportaba mejor. Mientras que toda esa energía nerviosa se acumulaba, mis brazos volaban – botando las bebidas de las personas a mi alrededor mientras exageraba en mis historias. 


Después de reuniones y cenas regresaba a casa preocupada de lo que había hecho o dicho.  Me preocupaba si había hablado mucho o si estuve muy bulliciosa. Deseaba no haber sido ruidosa y me comportaba callada a propósito. Deseaba ser de las calladas- aunque sea por una noche. 

También estaban las personas de quien yo buscaba su aprobación. Si era parte de una discusión en la iglesia o en el trabajado, tenía mucho cuidado por lo que algunas personas pensaran. Como un termómetro registra la temperatura, así yo monitoreaba  la reacción de personas específicas. 


Proverbio 29:25 “Temer a la gente es una trampa peligrosa…” el temor cubre una gama de emociones. Preocuparse por lo que otros piensan, nerviosa a causa de algunos individuos, preocupada por reacciones, pavor, o pánico alrededor de personas puede ser una trampa peligrosa.

Cuando caemos en la trampa, fijados, acorralados y forzados. Es una experiencia horrible. No nos podemos relajar por temor a proyectar la imagen incorrecta, causar una mala impresión o enojar a alguien importante. 


Este problema del corazón afecta la mayoría de las personas (prov 29:26) si tratamos de enfrentar nuestro mal habito solos, lucharemos para ser libres. Si le permitimos al Señor que sane las causas profundas que nos hicieron de esa forma, será mucho más fácil para ser libre. 

La verdad es el principio de la transformación. Si te has dado cuenta que te preocupa la opinión de otros, pídele al Señor que te sane. La próxima ves que sientas la tentación de buscar la aprobación de alguien, torna tu mirada a Dios. 

Mi nuevo curso LADRON DE SUEÑOS (DREAMSTEALER) lanza el lunes pero puedes obtenerlo hoy en un precio especial de cuarentena. Hablo de este asunto y otros 6 temas de las enfermedades del corazón que pueden atrasar o descarrilar tu destino. Bájalo y únete en esta nuevo caminar de transformación duradera. 


  • Mrs Eva Smithson says:

    HI Jo,
    Could you please give me more details about the Dreamstealers online course: dates, time, how long are the sessions,
    in what form is the teaching done, are we just watch the sessions and do our own homework ?? etc
    and any other relevant questions which I haven’t covered here, which would be beneficial to know.
    Thank you very much

    • Jo Naughton says:

      Hi Eva, absolutely. It’s eight filmed sessions covering different vital heart issues which each last an hour. There is prayer and a time of ministry at the end of each one. You can go at your own pace. One a day, one every few days or one a week. It comes with a workbook that captures some of the main scriptures and enables you to note key points as you go. You also get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, request prayer and share testimonies. If you go to the homepage of my website JoNaughton.com and click on the Dreamstealers picture, you will find more information and a short video. I poured a huge amount into this and I know it will be life changing. God bless you abundantly

  • Donna says:

    This was so spot on, I had to smile at the number of times I’ve knocked a drink over when out with people who were important to me! It wasn’t anything new that came up, but stuff that I would have said 5 years ago ‘ it doesn’t hurt any more ‘, is certainly beginning to hurt now.
    Started to watch Dream Stealers today and I’m trusting God to reveal his truth and set me free.
    Thank you so much
    God bless you loads. Xxxx

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