Words & Weapons

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The Bible says repeatedly that words are weapons. God’s word in our mouth is the sword of the Spirit, powerful enough to destroy the devil’s plans against us. By believing and speaking scripture over our lives, we can destroy doubt and bring God’s promises to pass.

We are instructed in Job 22:28 to declare God’s purposes over our lives in the knowledge that He will establish what we decree. That’s when words are used to demolish the devil’s plans and build God’s kingdom. However, words can also be used to hurt. There are two ways words may be hurting you:

1. Arrows from others

Proverbs 15:4 in the Message says, “Kind words heal and help; cutting words wound and maim.” And again, Proverbs 12:18 says, “There is one who speaks like the piercing of a sword.” We all react differently. However, harsh words almost always hurt someone.

We can say that it doesn’t matter, however unless our hearts have been healed this is sadly untrue. Accusations, insults, outbursts of anger, cruel comments can all cut and crush us on the inside. If you have been hurt by the words of others, it is really important that you acknowledge the pain and ask God to heal your heart. You may need help to get there.

What if I’m the attacker?

Perhaps you struggle in this area. You may make cruel comments in the heat of conflict or undermine others with the words you speak. You know the saying that hurt people inevitably hurt people. I encourage you to ask God to search the depths of your heart and highlight any unhealed hidden hurts. He is able.

One of the names of the Holy Spirit is the Helper. Ask the Lord for His forgiveness and then ask Him to help you to conquer. Your words can become a healing balm as you allow God to restore and sanctify you from the inside out.

2. Self harm

There has been a saddening increase in self harm over the last decade. It is terribly destructive. However, there is another form of self-harm that we need to guard against. When we use our words to tear ourselves down, we are making our tongues like knives and hurting ourselves.

When you put yourself down, say you are no good at anything or even when you constantly confess fear, you are in danger of damaging yourself. Even if you use words carelessly, you may be negatively affecting your life. “I’m sick of this.” Or “I’m afraid I can’t make it.” Why put sickness and fear in your mouth when you could build your life through your conversations?

The enemy is always looking for every opportunity to hurt and bind us by words. If you need help getting free, get hold of my book, 30 Day Detox for your Soul which has two different days dedicated to words. Also, come and keep coming to our events.

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